Explaining the Meaning Behind the Powerful Game of Thrones Greeting: Valar Morghulis

Warning: Major spoilers follow for Game of Thrones.

The Battle of Winterfell on Game of Thrones is as brutal as expected. Tons of characters fought their hardest (and didn’t make it out alive) and much of the episode is filled with impressive action shot after action shot. But though they’re sparse, there are some key scenes with important dialogue to be found, including an exchange between Melisandre and Grey Worm.

Before things get crazy for the Unsullied, Melisandre meets Grey Worm at the frontlines and tells him, “Valar morghulis.” He replies, “Valar dohaeris.” Just in case you were too busy mourning deaths, you may have forgotten that those words have been said many times throughout the series.

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