Fergie reveals used to 'mirror' Princess Diana

Duchess of York reveals she ‘mirrored’ Princess Diana when she first joined the royal family because her late sister-in-law could ‘work a room’

  • The Duchess of York recalled her close relationship with Diana on Tea Talks
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The Duchess of York has revealed she ‘mirrored’ Princess Diana when she first became a member of the royal family, as her late sister-in-law ‘worked a room’.

Sarah Ferguson, 63, revealed on the Tea Talks podcast that she and Diana loved each other ‘with all our hearts’ due to their shared interests – including ‘incessant’ discussions about charity work.

On the third episode of the podcast, which she co-hosts alongside Sarah Thomson, also discussed the bond she has with her daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

The duchess, who is known to her now-three grandchildren as GG, said she had the family over at the weekend and they had an ‘incredible’ time.

Eugenie and husband Jack Brooksbank welcomed Ernest George Ronnie Brooksbank on May 30.

The Duchess of York, 63, has recalled her close relationship with the late Princess Diana, with whom she shared several interests like charity work

Sarah has three grandchildren – Ernest, who the duchess revealed is known as Ernie, Eugenie’s eldest son August and Beatrice’s daughter Sienna – as well as a step-grandson, Wolfie – Beatrice’s stepson.

Speaking about Diana, Sarah said: ‘Diana and I, we definitely talked incessantly about charity. We, both of us, we loved to give. So she was very similar to me.

‘She never understood how brilliant she was really, you know, and together we both didn’t. And I used to hug her but she wouldn’t understand.

‘And her mother and my mother were at school together. And they were best friends. And Diana was my fourth cousin, and you know it’s just extraordinary that we were brought together.

Recalling her friendship with Princess Diana, Fergie referred to the late Princess as ‘Dutch’ and praised her work on HIV/AIDS

‘And we loved each other with all our hearts and she made me laugh more than any other single person I’ve ever met in my life.’

Sarah said there is ‘nobody like her (Diana) in the world because she had that ability to give her entire heart because she didn’t give her entire heart to herself’.

Reflecting on Diana’s charity work, Sarah said: ‘Diana and I talked about when she did HIV/Aids, when she started really highlighting it. And everyone said ‘No, you mustn’t go and touch them’. And she said ‘Why? I know what it’s like to be ostracised. I know what it’s like to be left in the corner of a room’.

‘And that’s what she did. And I know that feeling too, when people don’t wish to talk to you because bad Fergie sells papers.

‘They’ve already judged you and you’re left alone.’

Sarah said she was inspired by Diana, who she refers to as Dutch, when she began her royal life.

‘I remember when I first became a princess with Dutch, and I watched her work a room, and I just copied her.

‘I mirrored her, how she did it, because she was just incredible.’

Sarah added: ‘She just immediately went in with her heart, full heart, full energy, and she left everything outside the door.’

Meanwhile, Sarah talked about the fun weekend she had with her grandchildren.

‘So my grandchildren had the most incredible weekend,’ she said.

‘I was very lucky. I had everybody in. I had Edo and Beatrice and Jack and Eugenie and August and new Ernest. Well, Ernie.’

She said her granddaughter Sienna is ‘just a completely independent fabulous joy’.

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