Fredericton community foundation announces Philanthropy in Action award recipients

The Fredericton Community Foundation has announced this year’s recipients for the 10th-annual philanthropy in action awards. The FCF annual award celebrates the importance of doing good work within the community.

The year, Joe Dobbelsteyn’s work with the elderly and Brian Robert Johnson’s work with youth are being recognized.

“When you do volunteer work or fundraising you certainly don’t do it with the expectation that you’re going to be awarded with anything,” says Joe Dobbelsteyn.

The FCF honors people in the greater Fredericton area who have given their time, talent and financial resources for the well-being of the community and neighboring areas.

“I think it’s really nice to honour people who do good work just for the sake of doing good work,” said Kate Rogers, executive director of the Fredericton Community Foundation.

The award selection criteria looks at what organizations the nominees are involved with, number of volunteer hours and fiscal contributions.

Dobbelsteyn was nominated by his retirement home staff because of his work with the Pine Grove Foundation, an organization that strives to enhance the quality of life for seniors at the facility.


Brian Johnson is the owner operator of Kingswoods Entertainment Complex

Brian Johnson is the owner operator of Kingwoods Entertainment Complex. He was nominated by friends that admire his work with at risk youth.

Johnson says giving back will be his legacy.

“At the end of the day when I’m an old guy going out the door, it’s something my family and kids can look back on, to me it’s more important than my business,” said Brian Robert Johnson.

Brian Robert Johnson gives Megan Yamoah a tour of his entertainment complex

The award comes with a hefty donation of $10,000. Joe and Brian will receive their award at a gala dinner celebration. At the event the two recipients will donate $5,000 each to an organization of their choice, which will be kept a secret until the award ceremony on May 23.

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