‘Friends & Family Hustle’: Tiny Gushes Over How ‘Proud’ She Is Of T.I. For Opening Trap Music Museum

Despite getting back to a good place in their marriage, T.I. and Tiny were each focused on their OWN personal ventures on the Nov. 19 episode of ‘Friends & Family Hustle’ — but Tiny still took the time to rave about her man!

The Nov. 19 episode of T.I. & Tiny’s Friends & Family Hustle followed T.I. as he prepared to open his new trap music museum in Atlanta, and Tameka “Tiny” Harris as she got ready for the grand opening of her new juice bar, Got Da Juice. Naturally, the projects kept them both super busy, which meant they didn’t have much time to spend together and bask in the recent “recharge” of their relationship. In fact, Tip was SO busy with his project, that he didn’t even attend Tiny’s opening. Luckily, she understood, and was still by his side when the trap museum opened up later on.

“I freakin’ love the trap museum,” she gushed. “When it comes to his visions and ideas, he is just always on tel. It pushes me to want to be above and beyond. I’m just proud to be part of whatever he has going on. Congratulations, babe.” Awww! It was so refreshing to hear Tiny say so many nice things about T.I., especially since just a couple of months earlier, the pair’s relationship was not in a good place. The beginning of this season of Friends & Family Hustle was filmed shortly after Tip was caught slapping another woman’s butt on video over the summer, and needless to say, Tiny wasn’t happy with him.

The two were able to get past their issues with an anniversary trip, and T.I. even included a nod to his past bad behaviors in the trap museum itself. On one wall of the museum, he included “ten trap commandments,” featuring things he’s “learned not to do” along his journey. One of those commandments was…”never go to sleep around a stripper.”

‘Don’t go to sleep around a stripper!” he warned viewers. “They’re after the money and even a picture here and there. Have as much fun as you like, do all other kinds of things that may be unmentionable. However, you do not go to sleep around a stripper.” Great advice, Tip!


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