From cream, to cupcakes here are all the supermarket treats with Baileys in – and they're PERFECT for Christmas

Apart from the tipple, you can now find the alcohol in creamy desserts, chocolates, ice cream as well as cream – and they're perfect for any Baileys fans this Christmas.

The desserts can be found in most of the major supermarkets in the UK but the stock depends on the chain and the prices vary.

Below we've created a round-up of where you can find the liqueur treats.

Remember that as all treats are booze-based, you'll need to be at least 18-years-old – and have proof of ID – to be able to buy them.


  • £4 – buy now in Asda (in-store only)

The budget supermarket has just started selling mini Baileys cupcakes, and they look like a super yummy treat to munch on as we head for Christmas.

Each pack contains nine cupcakes, although Asda has not yet clarified how big each treat is.

The box costs £4 and is currently only available in Asda stores.

Extra Thick Cream

  • From £2 – buy now in Asda

In time for Christmas, Baileys has once again begun rolling out its creams tasting of the liqueur – and this is perfect for any festive desserts.

It comes in the versions of extra thick cream as well as pouring cream and they can be found in four of the UK's major supermarkets, both online and in stores.

But the prices vary between shops – Asda is the cheapest, offering the 250ml tubs of pouring cream for £2 while Tesco charges £2.35, or you can also pick up any two tubs of for £4 at Tesco, which makes it as good a price as at Asda.

Ocado and Sainsbury's sell the Baileys extra thick cream for £2.35 and £2.50, respectively.

Freakshake cake

  • £12 – buy now at Asda and Sainsbury's 

Baileys has taken the freakshake trend one step further by launching a milkshake shaped caked with an Irish cream filling and topping.

The boozy dessert serves 18 people, and is available for £12 in Sainsbury's and Asda stores as well as online.

Marshmallow fondue kit

  • £15 – buy now at Tesco (in-store only)

A plate of hot marshmallows is the perfect treat as we head for winter – and now you can even get them tasting of Baileys.

Tesco is selling a fondue kit including a 5cl bottle of Baileys, mini marshmallows weighing 9g as well as a complete fondue set with forks.

The set costs £15 and is only available in stores.

Mini delights

  • £2 – buy now at Morrisons

If you're craving a little chocolate treat with an alcohol twist, you'll be delighted to hear that Asda and Morrisons are selling exactly that.

The small packs of 102g of Baileys chocolates come in the flavours of chocolate and salted caramel.

They're actually more expensive at Asda at £3 per bag, compared to only £2 at Morrisons.

The treats are available both in stores and online.

Yule log

  • £5 – buy now at Asda and Tesco

Tesco and Asda are selling a yule log flavoured with the Irish cream this Christmas.

The treat, which serves eight, is made from a soft chocolate sponge filled with chocolate flavour frosting, coated with milk chocolate and topped with Bailey frosting.

It costs £5 in both Tesco and Asda, and is available both in stores as well as online.

Caramel Sensation ice cream

  • £3.89 – buy now at Ocado and Tesco  

If you've ever fancied ice cream tasting of Baileys and salted caramel, Tesco and online supermarket Ocado are selling the product of your dreams.

The caramel sensation ice creams are flavoured of the liqueur and coated in cacao frosting, salty caramel sauce and milk chocolate.

They cost £3.89 for a pack of four ice creams weighing 90ml each, and are available both in Tesco stores as well as online.

Ice cream tubs

  • £4.50 – buy now at Ocado and  Tesco

In other Baileys ice cream news, Tesco and Ocado are selling tubs of Baileys ice cream flavoured of either coffee or chocolate.

The frozen treats are new products for this year, and cost £4.50 for a 500ml tub.

The ice creams are available both in Tesco stores as well as online.

Salted caramel profiteroles

  • £2.50 – buy now at Tesco 

Baileys fans can also get their hands on profiteroles stuffed with the cream liqueur in Tesco.

The choux buns cost just £2.50 for a 216g box of 12 profiteroles, which also include a gooey salted caramel centre and salted chocolate flavoured coating.

The profiteroles are currently only available in larger Tesco stores as well as online.

Chocolate cupcakes with buttercream topping

  • From £7 – buy now at Sainsbury's and Tesco

Surprise your loved ones with a box of Baileys cupcakes this festive season, currently on sale at at Tesco and Sainsbury's for £7 and £8, respectively.

The cupcakes are packed with chocolate sponges, topped with a Baileys flavoured buttercream and decorated with a chocolate sauce.

The supermarkets have not clarified yet whether the treats are available in stores, but we already know they're available online.

Dome gateau

  • £3 – buy now at Iceland

Iceland's dome gateau is also a great alternative for the traditional birthday cake if you have any Baileys fans in your surroundings.

The cake consists of chocolate flavoured sponges layered with a Baileys cream and filling, and lastly covered with a Baileys glaze.

It's also kind to your wallet – a 600g cake only costs £3.

The Sun has seen the cake on sale online, but it's not yet clear whether it's available in stores too.

Chocolate Collection

  • £8 – buy now at Asda

If you know anyone who is obsessed with chocolate and Baileys, this fancy box of chocolates could be the perfect Christmas gift.

The collection contains 20 milk, white and dark chocolate pieces flavoured with the Irish cream liqueur with almond, brownie, caramel and coffee flavoured centres.

Each box weighs 227g and is available in Asda stores and online for £8.

Chocolate sensation

  • £5 – buy now at Morrisons

If you'd instead like to swap the traditional box of chocolates this Christmas for something fancier, Morrisons is selling a 190g of Baileys chocolates for £5.

The box is packed with milk, white and dark chocolate truffles – and is available in stores as well as online.

Profiteroles and eclairs

  • £1 – buy now at Iceland

Last but not least, you can find the cheapest Baileys treats at Iceland, which is selling packs of profiteroles and eclairs for only £1 each.

The profiterole cream puffs are packed with a Baileys flavoured filling and weigh 260g, while the choux pastry of the eclairs is filled with fresh cream and Baileys and they weigh a total of 210g.

If you can't get enough of Baileys, you can find a Baileys advent calendar at Debenhams this year – but it costs £16.20.

Or if you prefer Baileys in liquid form, Ocado is currently selling 1litre bottles of the liqueur for £12, down from £21, but the offer is only available until the end of today.

Remember to always drink responsibly.

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