‘Fuller House’s Juan Pablo Di Pace: Season 4 Is ‘Brilliant’ — We ‘Hope’ For Season 5 & 6

‘Fuller House’ season 4 premieres Dec. 14, and HollywoodLife got the EXCLUSIVE scoop from Juan Pablo Di Pace about what’s ahead for Fernando, Kimmy, and more over the course of ‘brilliant’ season.

Fuller House is back! The hit Netflix show returns for season 4 on Dec. 14, just in time for the holidays. There’s a lot coming up for Fernando, Kimmy, DJ, Stephanie, and the rest of the gang. Fans have been waiting nearly a year for new episodes, and star Juan Pablo Di Pace stresses that season 4 doesn’t disappoint. “The new season is brilliant because we are seeing new colors of characters that we’ve never seen before,” Juan Pablo told HollywoodLife. “We deal with the fact that Fernando is worried that Ramona is growing up and the fact that she’s going to be 16. There’s this worry that a parent goes through when their child is becoming an adult.” He also noted, “We also see Jackson drinking, and I don’t think the show has ever approached drinking before. I don’t think drinking was allowed to be talked about in the ’80s.”

Fernando and Kimmy’s relationship is also heading into uncharted territory with being Kimmy being pregnant as Stephanie’s surrogate. “Fernando and Kimmy are a very unusual pair, and Kimmy is incredibly daring as a pregnant woman,” Juan Pablo revealed. “She does cartwheels and all kinds of things, and Fernando is almost taking over the role of a pregnant woman, so he’s the one with swollen feet and morning sickness, so it’s funny.”

As for whether or not Fernando and Kimmy would have another kid, Juan Pablo revealed, “I don’t know, maybe, we’ll see. I do know that Andrea loves being pregnant on the show so it’s possible.”

Fuller House hasn’t been renewed for a fifth season, but season 4 hasn’t even come out yet. Our sister site TVLine reported that Netflix is thinking about ending the show after season 4, but Juan Pablo has hope that we will see more seasons of the beloved revival. “That was something that just came out, nobody really knows anything until the season is out,” Juan Pablo told HollywoodLife. “We premiere on Dec. 14 and for the last three seasons it’s always been the case that first we premiere, then a few weeks or months go by, and Netflix makes their call. We’re confident that the season is so good that we hope that there will be a fifth and a sixth.”

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