German living in the UK impresses with fish dinner better than ‘all chippies’

Usually, Brits are harsh to anyone who tries to recreate British staples.

From Americans attempting to make a tea to this Chinese home cook who had a go at a classic Full English – no one is safe.

However, this one German might just be an exception to the scathing self-proclaimed food critics.

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Although they fancied some hearty fish and chips, the German living in the UK realised there were no chippies local to them.

Instead of letting their lack of battered sausages and fried potato slithers bring them down, they decided to get in the kitchen and make the iconic takeaway meal themselves.

And according to Brits on Reddit, the German absolutely nailed the meal.

"As a German with no chippy near me I have to fry the fish myself," they wrote on the Casual UK subreddit.

To share evidence of their attempt, the home chef posted a picture of two plates of battered cod, chips and two squirts of mayonnaise and ketchup.

The fried fish appeared to be crispy and golden and the chips looked like they had a good crunch on them.

"I just use a pot or a deep-ish cast iron skillet for frying," the German expat shared.

"Makes a bit of a mess but you get a lot of control over the temperature.

"There are a few of them [fish and chip shops] around but they are so far from the real deal I'd rather just make a mess in my kitchen every so often."

Amazed at the German's take on the fish and chips, many Brits flooded the comments with praise.

One Brit begged: "I will literally pay you to make me dinner every Friday."

Another user added: "You are no longer German, trade in your old passport for a British one with free citizenship."

While a third urged: "Someone needs to set up a fish and chip shop."

Someone else admitted: "Have to say that looks better than anything my chippy fires out. 10/10."

Meanwhile, a fifth praised: "That’s a good looking fried fish!"

Let us know in the comments what you think about the homemade fish and chips – did they do a good job?


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