Google Maps users spot drunk man throwing up after boozy session with his pal

Google Maps is one of the best apps for real-time traffic conditions, 3D mapping and 360 degree panoramic views.

The street view tool was launched in 2005 and millions of people across the world use it on a daily basis.

Not only is it used for these functions, Google Maps is the best for exploring random destinations and catching people out.

Recently, the app discovered a man who was worse for wear after a boozy session with his pal.

In the image, it looks as though he enjoyed a lot more drinks than he can handle.

The photo shows the bloke perched by the doorway as a vomit of pool laid in front of him.

And the man hunched over as he suffered from the big session.

Luckily for the fella, he's not alone because his mate stood beside comforting him.

The helpful pal was wearing a set of reindeer antlers to suggest the pair were attending a Christmas party.

But no other festive attire can be seen on either of them and it looked as though the climate wasn't so cold either.

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Both men don't seem to be wrapped up for any cold weather but that depends on where they are in the world.

Also to make matters more embarrassing for the drunk man, he also suffered a common Google Maps glitch.

The technical error appears to have blurred out half of his body to give him a rather unusual look.

This happens when the images are assembled that often causes them to come out looking funny.

Meanwhile, this isn't the first glitch we've seen on the Google app.

Previously, viewers were left thinking something mysterious had happened to the cars.

It shows a quiet residential area surrounded by huge houses with cars on the driveways and two vehicles passing on the roads.

But at first glance it looks like nothing appears to be wrong until you focus directly onto the passing vehicles.

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