Gucci launches collection of products for pets

Diamond dogs! Luxury fashion house Gucci launches collection of products for pets… but they are so pricey they could leave you feeling paw

It’s elegant and timeless designs are a hit among celebrities. And now you can have your pets looking just as fetching in head-to-paw Gucci.

The Italian fashion house has launched a collection with products for dogs and cats – all with eye-watering price tags.

The most expensive items include pet beds costing £5,710, a travel bowl set for £2,990 and a £2,510 animal carrier.

Smaller pieces in the collection include a £310 cashmere sweater, a waste bag holder at £285 and a leash to set you back £255.

Dog’s dinner: A luxury food bowl (£450) with separate lid (£610) for lucky Lassies 

A Gucci travel bowl set (£2,990)

Because we’re woof it: A designer dog coat (£220) and expensive studded collar (£320)

Pedigree power nap: The costly pet bed perfect for resting precious paws (£5,710)

The website’s breathless description reads: ‘Continuing (the brand’s) narrative of surprise and delight… the collection infuses the everyday with a magical aura.’

A small to medium pet collar can set you back £230, while a dog bowl and cover can cost £1,060.

The website adds: ‘Continuing the narrative of surprise and delight that defines the Gucci Lifestyle selection, the Gucci Pet Collection infuses the everyday with a magical aura,’ reads a description on the website.

‘Unveiled in a colourful, retro-inspired campaign, the pieces allow each animal’s personality to shine as an ode to the Creative Director’s vision of individuality.’

Gucci is not the first Italian designer to have brought out a line for pets.

Valentino sells a range of dog collars and leads embellished with the designer’s signature gold studs.

Luxury fashion house Prada also has a collection specifically designed for man’s best friend including a £2,400 pet bag and £480 logo cashmere jumper.

They say the line is inspired by their womenswear and menswear collections, with their £520 dog coats made of their famous re-nylon fabric.

Outerwear brand Moncler, women’s clothing designer Miu Miu and Versace also cater for pets.

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