Halsey Deals With A Toxic Relationship With G-Eazy Lookalike In Heartbreaking ‘Without Me’ Video

Halsey’s new music video, ‘Without Me,’ is incredibly heartbreaking, & features an actor that looks JUST like her ex, G-Eazy. Watch it here!

The video for Halsey’s heartbreaking ballad “Without Me” is here, and it will tug at your heartstrings big time. The new visual was released on Oct. 29, and it features an actor that looks uncannily similar to the singer’s ex, G-Eazy. Whether the implication was purposeful or not, Twitter lit up with fan reactions just moments after the video dropped, convinced that Halsey purposely cast the doppelgänger! “The love interest in the without me music video looked so much like G-eazy that at first i thought it was G-eazy,” one fan Tweeted.

In the clip, Halsey can be seen picking up the pieces of a toxic relationship. Her music video lover faces anger issues as well as a problematic alcohol problem, and Halsey is left trying to remedy the situation. The singer quite literally has to pick her man up off the ground, and nurse his wounds. The beautifully painful video was almost too much for fans to handle. “b**ch the #withoutme video is obviously about g-eazy WTF the clothing style of the dude, the bars, how the dude was arrested outside the bar at the end (like g-eazy) wow  didn’t know she’d go that hard,” one fan even wrote. Of course, the video was filmed before their breakup, but could the video be a representation of what the relationship was like?

Halsey and Gerald have once again called it quits, after only recently rekindling their romance in August. Reports of their latest breakup first surfaced on Oct. 23, and rumors were solidified when the pair unfollowed each other on social media, and then wore their Halloween “couples” costume to separate parties. Awkward!

Although “Without Me” features some pretty somber lyrics, a source told HL EXCLUSIVELY that Halsey still has feelings for G. “Halsey still loves G-Eazy,” our source told us. “She thinks she will always love him, but she also thinks that their relationship was toxic and that it wasn’t healthy for her to be with him. When they were together, she was always wound up and worrying that he was going to cheat on her. She never fully trusted him, and she always felt insecure, and she knows that isn’t what a relationship should be like.”

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