Halsey ‘Hurt’ By Pics Of G-Eazy With Hot Model — Will She Rebound With Machine Gun Kelly For Revenge?

After seeing G-Eazy flirt with ‘Model Squad’ star Caroline Lowe at the Minnesota Timberwolves game on Oct. 30, Halsey is ‘very open to dating again,’ HL has EXCLUSIVELY learned! But who exactly is she ‘open’ to?

Halsey, 24, wasn’t too pleased after G-Eazy, 29, was videoed with his hand on Model Squad star Caroline Lowe’s back at a Minnesota Timberwolves game on Oct. 30! Obviously, the court flirting stung, since it happened just one week after news of their split broke. “Halsey does not want G-Eazy back, but the pictures of him getting all handsy with that model still hurt,” a friend of Halsey’s EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. “It is heartbreaking to her and not something she wants to see. She can’t believe he’s moving on so quickly and it makes her feel like what they had meant little to him.” But there’s a silver lining. Halsey’s ready for her rebound, our source claims!

“After seeing his behavior she wants to do the same and find someone new too. She is very open to dating again and the sooner the better,” the “Him & I” singer’s friend continues. After the performers’ first breakup in July, Halsey was photographed with her rumored ex-lover, Machine Gun Kelly, 28, on June 28. Will this become a pattern? “The last time her and G-Eazy split up she went right back to hanging with his enemy Machine Gun Kelly, but she has no plans to rebound with him this time,” Halsey’s friend reveals. There you have it! And we learned why you shouldn’t expect a reunion between these two.

“It would be sweet revenge on G-Eazy since he and MGK are feuding,” our source muses. Their history with Halsey, amid other issues, led to MGK’s aggressive freestyle on Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex Show and G-Eazy responding with the diss track “Bad Boy” in these past few months! But there are actually two big names who aren’t on MGK’s team. “Halsey is actually pissed at MKG right now too,” her friend spills to us. “He was asked in an interview if he ‘smashed’ her and he said ‘absolutely.’” Our source is referring to MGK’s infamous interview with 105.1 FM’s Breakfast Club Power on Sept. 20, during which he was anything but subtle! “Halsey still hasn’t forgiven him for saying that, he crossed the line,” our source goes on. She didn’t name drop, but on the same day of the interview, Halsey tweeted, “how *absolutely* pathetic.” And our source clued us in if G-Eazy’s rival has tried to get into contact with a newly single Halsey!

“Of course MKG has been reaching out trying to make it happen so you never know,” Halsey’s pal dishes. “But as of now she’s only looking forward.”

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