Hand sanitiser use: How to use hand sanitiser properly – WHO’s top tips

Using hand sanitiser or washing your hands regularly is one of the best ways to help stop the spread of coronavirus. COVID-19 has reached more than 110 countries, infected 113,500 people and killed 4,000.

How to use hand sanitiser properly

First of all, the World Health Organization (WHO) says you should wash your hand for 20 to 30 seconds.

Step one of its guide says you should apply a palmful of sanitiser in a cupped hand.

Then you should rub your hands palm to palm.


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Next you should rub your right palm over the back of your left hand while interlacing your fingers.

This step needs to be repeated with your left palm over the back of your right hand.

Then, with your fingers interlaced again, rub your hand palm to palm.

After that, you should rub with the backs of your fingers into the opposing palm with fingers interlocked.

Next, take your right hand and clasp your left thumb with your fingers.

Clean your thumb by rotating it around the finger clasp and repeat the process with the other thumb.

Almost there now – clasp your right-hand fingers and rub them in a circular motion in the palm of your left hand, then switch hands and do the same with your left-hand fingers.

Once you’ve dried your hands after that last step they’ll be safe.

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How to make hand sanitiser at home

With some shops running out of hand sanitiser, you can make your own at home.

Professor Miryam Wahrman, a germ expert at William Paterson University, says its very simple to make.

All you really need is a solution containing more than 60 percent alcohol – whether it’s rubbing alcohol or the drinkable variety.

This is because a hand sanitiser requires at least 60 percent alcohol content to kill most viruses.

Speaking to Business Insider, she said: “The bottom line is that alcohol is the active ingredient.

“If you drop below 60 percent, the effectiveness drops dramatically.”

To make sure the solution isn’t harsh on your skin, Professor Wahrman also advises adding a few drops of aloe vera to your solution.

Good House Keeping magazine has a simple guide on how to make sanitiser with just three ingredients.

Vodka, aloe gel, and essential oils are the only things you need to make the DIY gel, the magazine’s website says.

Simply fill your container with about a third of vodka, then add about 10 drops each of tea tree essential oil and lavender essential oil.

Fill your bottle the rest of the way with aloe vera gel and shake.

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