Harry Styles Has ‘Serious Doubts’ A One Direction Reunion Will Happen After Zayn Malik Bashes Them

Harry Styles has always been open about a One Direction reunion in the future but after Zayn Malik claimed he cut all ties with them in a recent interview, he is not so sure about the chances of it happening.

Harry Styles, 24, may now have a successful solo singing career but he has always looked forward to a One Direction reunion in the future. However, since former member Zayn Malik, 25, basically claimed he was no longer friends with anyone in the group, Harry’s not so sure about how realistic a reunion will be. In the Dec. issue of British Vogue, Zayn revealed that he had cut all ties with Harry, Louis Tomlinson, 26, Niall Horan, 25, and Liam Payne, 25, and admitted things broke apart a long time ago.

“Harry feels bad over Zayn’s words about how things fell apart between them and is disappointed about it all, but they were never really close friends, so his recent words do not come as a big shock to him,” a source close to Harry EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Harry is super grateful for everything One Direction has done to change his life and he has always been open to getting the guys back together one day, but after hearing about Zayn’s latest interview he has serious doubts that would ever happen.”

Zayn was the only one to leave the band in 2015 before they all went on an indefinite hiatus in 2016 so a reunion may mean between all five original members or just the remaining four. Either way, we’re sure fans won’t be happy to hear about Harry’s doubts but never say never! We’re hoping things can eventually somehow work out with the talented guys and we’ll get to see one of our favorite boy bands back in action soon!

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