Heather Locklear Has Been Committed Again After New 'Mental Breakdown'

Locklear’s therapist thought it was necessary, says ‘TMZ.’

Heather Locklear has once again been put on an involuntary psychiatric hold, this time by her therapist. The Dynasty and Melrose Place actor has been fighting mental health, addiction, and legal problems — and the professionals believe that she might have left rehab too early.

TMZ says that the decision to send Locklear back to the hospital was made yesterday.

“Heather was at her home Sunday afternoon when her therapist and lawyer realized she desperately needed help. Someone called 911 and EMTs arrived, and Heather was taken to a hospital. ”

Locklear has been working with a therapist who determined that, in dealing with her ongoing problems, she was having another mental breakdown which required hospitalization.

Sources say that this time, no laws have been broken. 911 was called as a precaution, to make sure that Locklear had safe passage and medical care on her way back to the hospital.

It’s unclear if Heather Locklear was abusing alcohol or prescription drugs at the time of this most recent mental breakdown, but substance abuse has been a key component of her problems in the past, per the Inquisitr.

Dr. Stuart Fischer explains that abuse of prescription medication alone can cause a mental breakdown — or even a psychotic break.

“In combination, they cause manic medical and psychiatric disturbances. They can lead to potentially fatal cardiac rhythm disturbances.”

He adds that mixing these drugs with alcohol can even be lethal, and cause someone to act out of character. Friends say that Locklear has been using Valium, cocaine, Vicodin, and Adderall mixed together with alcohol — leading to her erratic behavior.

Friends say that Locklear was often taking more of the drugs than she was prescribed, and combining them without medical advice.

“She would take double — or even triple — her daily dose. She’d run out of a weeklong prescription in a few days and either freak out or just sleep.”

Dr. Fischer and others say that Locklear needs to be weaned off of all of these medications slowly, so as to prevent triggering another crisis. Since leaving rehab, the actor seemed to be improving — and her daughter Ava was her biggest supporter, sources say.

“Heather is hitting rock bottom and her daughter and other family members are seriously concerned for her health and well-being. It breaks her daughter’s heart that Heather has been in so much trouble recently, and Ava has been pleading with her mom to get help.”

Friends are hoping that this is just a hiccup on her road to getting well.

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