Heather Locklear Likely Placed On 5150 Hold After Showing ‘Concerns Of Imminent Danger’

Following reports that Heather Locklear was hospitalized for the second time in five months, a psychologist explains why her doctor may have felt there was no other choice.

Heather Locklear, 57, has been placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold for the second time in less than six months, according to a TMZ report. Sources told the website that the troubled actress was hospitalized on Nov. 18 because her therapist and lawyer believe she is having “another mental breakdown.” EMTs were reportedly called to her house and the former Melrose Place star was taken away. But why did her doctor think that Heather’s mental state and behavior are so serious that she had to be held against her will for 72 hours?

We spoke to psychologist and mental health expert Dr. Danielle Forshee to get a better idea of why Heather’s therapist may have made this drastic decision. Dr. Forshee – who has never treated the actress – spoke EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife. “Individuals who are placed on a psychiatric hold, regardless of the state they reside in, are typically experiencing a psychiatric crisis that includes concerns of imminent dangerousness towards themselves or others,” the psychologist said. She added, “Imminent dangerousness means that there is a concern that they may be immediately at risk of engaging in behavior that could be life threatening toward themselves or other people as a result of psychiatric illness.”

As for the term 5150 that is just the name of the relevant section of California’s Welfare and Institutions Code. “Most states have different laws and statutes when it comes to how they manage individuals who they believe may be potentially imminently dangerous towards themselves or others. In California, it is called 5150,” said Dr. Forshee who practices in Red Bank, New Jersey. “This is a statute or regulation in the state of California that allows an individual to be held against their will in a safe place such as an emergency room or crisis facility until the individual is no longer deemed potentially imminently dangerous as a result of psychiatric illness. Sometimes in these holds they begin treatment such as medication or talk therapy, and other times, they do not.”

Devoted Heather Locklear fans will know that the mom-of-one has been in and out of the news in recent years because of arrests, hospitalizations, and multiple trips to rehab. This year alone on Feb. 25 she was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence after police were called to her Thousand Oaks, California home, according to PEOPLE. She was charged with allegedly hitting her fiancé Chris Heisser (it was later dropped) and faced four counts of battery for allegedly attacking an officer. In March she checked into rehab and three months later in June, she was placed on a 5150 hold.

Obviously, Dr. Forshee is not privy to the precise details of Heather’s condition, but when HollywoodLife asked why the actress seems to be struggling to break this cycle of hospitalization, the psychologist said, “Those who have a high rate of psychiatric crisis are typically experiencing difficulty with having found the treatment that is most effective at preventing acute psychiatric crisis.” She added, “This includes difficulty in the correct medication or the correct talk therapy, and they haven’t found the correct combination of treatment to keep them stable.” Hopefully this time Heather has found the treatment that will bring stability to her life and her mental health.

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