Here’s what you need to know about next week’s Venus in retrograde

Brace yourself, astrology enthusiasts, as the next few weeks could be a rocky time for your relationships as Venus is about to retrograde in a complete shake-up, affecting every single zodiac sign.

If you're looking for love this summer, the universe has other ideas as Venus – the planet of pleasure, love, social interaction, and money will retrograde from July 22 all the way to September 3.

Throughout the six weeks that it's retrograde, Venus will be in the sign of Leo – meaning it's going to have an impact on every aspect of love in our lives… brace yourself.

That doesn't just mean in a romantic relationship, but also with family and friendships.

And to top it all off, Venus also has a huge influence on money and wealth, so hold on to your hats as the structure of our lives is about to be rocked.

While it may feel daunting to feel the effect of the universe, we know it's coming so can only embrace it and see what truly comes out of it.

Oh, and did we mention every single zodiac sign will feel the effect of Venus retrograde in Leo? Yep, that's right.

You can find out exactly how Venus Retrograde will impact you by reading your sun/rising sign horoscope and luckily for you, you can check it every day over on our horoscope page with Russell Grant here.

But for now, here's what your star sign is saying…


It will take patience, commitment and hard work to bring your hopes to completion. If something is really important to you and you give it the best that you can do, no-one can ask any more from you. Accept help along the way as there are people who are willing to assist you.


You are adopting a more adventurous and versatile outlook. You are breaking out of patterns of the past that held you stuck in the same familiar routines. The offer of a place at a University or workshop makes your future look brighter. You just know you are going to enjoy the changes that are ahead.


Conflicting views are causing arguments. When people disagree with your views and object to your suggestions you might start to wonder whether they are right and you are wrong. Give more thought to your own opinions. You need to have more confidence in yourself.


Once you accept that a relationship or arrangement is not working, new plans can be put in place. You can bring about changes for the better but not until the situation is assessed realistically. Be ready to act when you sense the time is right. Be clear about your values and stick to them.


Sharing time with your family and friends will bring some happy moments. A stronger sense of togetherness will be felt in an existing partnership or friendship. You just want to do all you can to make your other half happy. They respect you for supporting their hopes and wishes.


Pay attention to your dreams. Answers to a question you have on your mind could be revealed in your dreams. An older relative's wise advice will help you come to terms with the past. Talking to a spiritual friend will be a welcome distraction from everyday responsibilities.


Too much information is being hidden from you. Some statements have been wrongly interpreted or it will not be clear whether they are true or false. Wait before making an important decision. You need to have a better idea in your mind on what is real and what is not.


A strong sense of connectedness along with non-judgemental communication is critical if you and a partner are to move forward in the long-term together. Active listening is also essential to help you both understand each other. You also need a degree of independence.


You have so much to do and you're running out of time to do it in. You aren't the only one who is trying to meet a deadline. If you are seriously worried about not being able to finish a job by its deadline, give others who may be affected by this ample notice about a possible delay.


Partnerships of all descriptions come under favourable light. This could mean marriage for the heart-free. Problems and difficult situations are going to be best solved by looking for simple solutions. In fact, try to keep all of life simple today.


Now is a good time to sort out relationship issues. It can be easy to lose sight of each other's strengths when you are both becoming increasingly aware of each other's annoying habits. You keep noticing a new friend or partner's faults and you are letting these prey on your mind.


When you love someone you want to be with each other as much as possible in every way. It might be a while since you and a partner enjoyed some intimate moments together. Hire a babysitter and visit a private hideaway where you aren't likely to be disturbed.

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