Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Monday, June 21


Working behind the scenes will feel more productive than working as a team. Conversations and activities going on around you will be too distracting. You’re ready to let go of an arrangement, undertaking or situation that no longer works for you. There will be objections but you are prepared for these.


A joint effort will get off to a slow start. Some people will pull out very quickly leaving just two or three of you who will want to continue. Once you get organised this will lead to some modest progress despite those petty aggravations early on.


Whether or not you are able to talk a close friend or partner around to your way of thinking, you will go ahead with your desire to do something totally unplanned. A creative project will benefit from your willingness to experiment with new and unfamiliar materials.


Although you were excited about some plans and arrangements, now the time has come, you will feel nervous too. Even so you will feel positive, optimistic and determined to make the most of today’s events. Your high spirits are infections.


You may have to force yourself to be tolerant of others who are acting foolishly. A workmate will do their best to make amends for a recent misunderstanding. You might feel their best isn’t good enough but to save further argument, go ahead, accept their apology.


Activities linked with groups, friends and your community will thrust you into the limelight over the weeks ahead. If you feel in need of more company, new friendships or a social purpose, you will now be setting the stage for this.


Meeting up with or contact with an old friend will bring a vague invitation to indulge in some kind of celebration. This will not have been planned or expected and they are waiting for your response before making the next move. This will be an offer that’s going to be hard to resist.


An offer is accepted which brings an important moment in a workplace dispute. Most people will vote in favour of an unexpected offer. You have managed well under existing conditions but it will make a difference once you have settled into new routines.


There are going to be people who will urge caution. These are the ones who rarely take chances and that’s why they continue to be stuck in the same place for what seems like forever. You will find it more exciting to take a risk or two, or to accept a challenge and you are ready too, to enjoy the possible consequences.


Even though the idea of change makes you feel nervous, you know it will do you good to push past obstacles that have been recently standing in your way. You will soon start to feel more confident about those new projects in the pipeline. You will be praised for the effort you are making to get ahead.


Your lively imagination and willingness to get stuck into charity projects makes you a popular figure. Many people find you charming and attractive. This makes it easier for you to convince others to give their support to a cause that is close to your heart.


Tension in the family is getting you down. Your home is not the peaceful, comfortable place you would like it to be. You don’t want to sound churlish but it might feel as if your needs and feelings are being completely ignored.

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