Horror and heartache behind teddy bear given to Meghan and Harry for Baby Sussex

Clutching a cute teddy bear in his hand for baby Sussex, Prince Harry poses for a photograph with the mum of teenage boy who was murdered in the Tunisia terror attack.

Suzy Richards’ life changed forever in June 2015 when she lost three members of her family.

Her son, Joel, dad Pat and brother Ade were shot dead by Seifeddine Rezgui in Sousse.

Suzy’s younger son, Owen, incredibly survived after trying to shield his grandfather, Pat, from the gunman.

After the attack Suzy set up a charity in Joel’s name – Smile For Joel – which has raised more than £230,000 to support the loved ones of murder victims.

She and Owen gave the bear to Harry as the prince officially opened a memorial to the 31 British victims of two terrorist attacks in Tunisia.

The memorial commemorates the 30 British victims of the Sousse attack at a popular coastal holiday resort in 2015, as well as a UK national who died in an attack at the Bardo Museum in Tunis earlier the same year.

For Suzy and Owen the charity is a way to "make a difference" to others who have shared a similar heart-wrenching grief. 

She writes on the charity website: "After losing three very precious family members in June 2015, during the Tunisian terror attacks our supportive loyal and loving family will never be the same.

"We are shattered, broken and every day is a colossal struggle for not having them here with us.

"To go from a family of six to three is an unbearable pain and has left an emptiness that we know will never go away.

"In the midst of this heartache I am determined to stand strong for my remaining family and like any Mom would I want to strive to make Owen’s life the best I can, especially after he was the sole survivor in my family on that fateful day.

"I am also determined to not let the lives of my son Joel, my dad Pat and my brother Ade be forgotten.

"I want their names and beautiful caring ways to live on forever through their legacy.  I want to make a difference in their name for others who have experienced losing someone they love in such a heart-breaking way.

In February 2017 Owen spoke to Birmingham Live about how he watched as his family were murdered in front of his eyes.

All three were killed within 12 hours of arriving at the five-star Riu Imperial Marhaba Hotel on June 26 in the Sousse beach resort.

Inquests at the Royal Courts of Justice heard how the West Midlands family, who were enjoying the first day of a "boys’ outing", fled from the outdoor pool area after hearing gunshots from the direction of the beach.

In a police interview in the UK, Mr Richards, who was 16 at the time, described how he had been sitting on a lilo in the pool when he heard what sounded like "firecrackers, but a lot deeper".

His brother Joel, an aspiring top-flight football referee, was sitting on the edge of the pool, and his uncle and grandfather were on sun loungers a short distance away.

As guests began to flee, both teenagers ran to the older men before making for the hotel.

Once inside they pressed the button for the lift but decided not to wait for it to arrive and ran to the indoor pool as Rezgui made his way around the corner.

Mr Richards told police: "On the way granddad kept falling over so he was not very fast.

"I saw the person running after us and he just came around the corner. Clearly we knew he had caught up with us.

"Ade (Adrian) dived down and laid down. I was still holding granddad, trying to help him run."

As the gunman approached, Mr Richards and Mr Evans, known to his family as Pat, fell to the floor.

"I was hugging granddad on the floor and then I could see out of my right hand corner my brother and seeing him dive to the floor," Mr Richards said.

Then Joel screamed – I think he shouted ‘no’ three times, like pleading him to stop.

"He lifted the gun up and I closed my eyes, then I heard a bunch of shots."

Mr Richards described seeing Mr Evans was wounded before adding: "Granddad just said, ‘he’s got me’."

Rezgui moved closer and shot Mr Evans again at close range as Mr Richards was still clinging to his grandfather.

Realising his brother was lying nearby, Mr Richards said: "I hit his foot a few times, telling him to get up.

"You could see in his eyes that he was not alive – there was no life in his eyes."

His uncle was also lying motionless a little further away and Mr Richards ran to the neighbouring Soviva hotel before being taken in an ambulance for medical treatment for a wound on his left shoulder, believed to have been caused by a bullet.

The coroner, Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith, said: "It seems to me Owen behaved with extraordinary courage while trying to protect his grandfather."

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