How can I support my transgender son and help him come to terms with his new identity?

He is 19 and stayed with me when his mother moved away because he didn’t want to leave the area he knows, but he says he is trans, lonely and seriously depressed.

Before he opted to live with me I warned him that I was out all day. He only has one friend. If I invite him out, he says no.

If he is not at college he just sleeps or stays in his room on the computer.

If I make a joke, he says I’m picking on him. If I tell him off, I have a bad attitude. If I say he should eat properly, I am having a go.

DEIDRE SAYS: He is a teenager having a hard time, as many do. If he identifies as trans he is also coming to terms with a new identity.

Listen to him instead of trying to come up with answers.

Spend time with him when you can and show you care. Ensure he sees a GP about his depression.

Suggest he check out The Mix, which supports young people whatever they are experiencing (, 0808 808 4994). My e-leaflet on Troubled Teenagers will help.

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