How Meghan’s love of heels has ‘left her with a bunion’

Time to put your feet up, Meghan! How the pregnant Duchess’ love of heels has ‘left her with a bunion’ – and does a mysterious scar reveal that she’s already had one removed?

  • Duchess of Sussex, 37, went barefoot at powhiri in New Zealand today 
  • Meghan appears to have bunion on her right foot, possibly from wearing heels
  • Also seems to have scar, which could be from bunion removal surgery 
  • Meghan has worn heels with 34 of her 41 outfits during royal tour  

She’s navigating her first pregnancy and her debut royal tour, taking in 76 engagements in 16 days, so it’s all the more remarkable that the Duchess of Sussex has done most of it in heels. 

The mother-to-be has only been seen in flats seven times throughout her 41 outfit changes, preferring to stick to her sky high stilettos – but it seems as though she may be paying the price. 

An eagle-eyed royal watcher spotted what looked to be a scar on Meghan’s foot as she went barefoot during a powhiri welcome ceremony at Te Papaiouru Marae – a Māori meeting house – in Rotorua, New Zealand.

Meghan, 37, took her shoes off when she stepped inside the meeting house, as is customary in Māori culture, revealing what seemed to be a bunion on her right foot and a possible scar from previous surgery on her left. 

Podiatrist Robert Duff told Femail: ‘On the right foot, there appears to be a bunion and some exostosis, or bony growth. 

‘Wearing heels excessively can definitely lead to the development of bunions. This may be the cause in Meghan’s case.

Meghan went barefoot during a powhiri welcome ceremony at Te Papaiouru Marae – a Māori meeting house – in Rotorua, New Zealand, revealing the impact her love of heels has had on her feet 

Meghan appears to have what looks to be a scar running down the side of her left foot, which could be a result of previous bunion removal surgery 

The Duchess of Sussex appears to have a bunion and some exostosis, or bony growth on the side of her right foot 

‘On the inside of her left foot, there is a potential scar which may be from a bunion removal but it’s difficult to say for sure without a closer look.’

As well as bunions, a sign of excessive wearing of heels appears on the sole of the foot where an expert would look for callus build up on the ball.  

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‘Wearing heels can lead to calluses and bunions as it places too much pressure on the ball of the foot,’ Robert explained. 

‘It can cause issues at the big toe joint due to the hyperextension of the joint from the unnatural toe position in these kinds of shoes. 

An eagle-eyed royal blogger Jersey Deanne noted what looks like a scar on Meghan’s foot, speculating that it could be from surgery to remove a bunion 

Pregnant Meghan in her trusty Stuart Weitzman Legend stilettos during a walkabout in Auckland’s Viaduct earlier this week 

‘Another sign would be shortening of the Achilles tendon and/or calf muscle, due to the elevated foot position, which can lead to pain and discomfort when flat-footed.’

The Duke and Duchess are now heading home to London to earn a well earned rest from duties – and high heel wearing – after visiting four countries in 16 days.  

Meghan’ love of heels has been a feature of her wardrobe since she started carrying out engagements with Prince Harry. 

What is a bunion? 

A bunion is a swelling on the side of the joint where the big toe meets the foot. It commonly develops as a result of wearing ill-fitting shoes or those which cramp the feet.

High heels, which push the weight of the body on to the front of the foot, or extreme points, which squeeze the toes together, are major offenders.

The shoe rubs against the joint, thickening skin and tissues which gradually swell up into a bunion.Women tend to develop bunions more often than men because of the shoes they wear, and because their ligaments are softer. 

A normal foot will have the big toe in line with the long bone leading up to it.

However many people inherit a foot deformity called Hallux vagus, in which the big toe is angled inwards, causing the joint at the base of the big toe to stick out slightly. This increases the risk of bunions.

Those with jobs involving stress on the feet, such as dancers, waitresses and athletes, face a higher risk.

Surgery is the only way to totally remove a bunion. The growth is removed and the bones are realigned. Recovery can take up to six weeks and involves wearing special supports. 

Before the royal tour, she was never seen in flats during royal engagements – even  on a sporty occasion such as visiting Dublin’s Croke Park. 

It’s previously been suggested that the Duchess who stands at 5ft 6in tries to minimise the height difference with her husband who is a towering 6ft 1in. 

This is because the canny former actress knows how a height discrepancy between two people can create an ‘unbalanced’ look in pictures.

Rare sighting! Meghan wore flats for a stroll through the Redwoods Tree Walk in Rotorua, New Zealand with Prince Harry earlier today. But she’s more likely to be seen in a pair of towering heels such as the Manolo Blahnik pumps she wore during a walkabout earlier in the day (right)

Celebrity photographer Glenn Gratton told Femail: ‘Couples with a big height difference look slightly unbalanced in pictures, and often the smaller of the two ends up looking even smaller and is constantly looking up at their partner.

‘Rod Stewart and his wife penny have a large gap but this is minimised by rod wearing Cuban heels and penny not wearing super high heels.

‘In the case of Harry and Meghan she will be wearing high heels to maximise her height and shorten the gap if possible.’


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