How This TV Personality Finds Time to Unwind Off Camera

Alesha Reneé may work in TV, but that doesn’t mean her day-to-day routine is full of “ready for my closeup” glamour. Every weekday, the actress and TV personality gets up at 6 a.m. (she treats herself to an extra 45 minutes of sleep on the weekends). Then, she’s running all over town between appointments, auditions, hosting gigs, and filming.

When she gets a few minutes of freedom, Alesha heads to her happy place: the bathroom. Seriously — that’s the one place where she can actually disconnect and find time to relax. “My bathroom is my oasis. It’s my sanctuary,” Alesha said. “Even when I have guests over, they comment on how cozy my bathroom feels.”

A little time to recharge sounds pretty nice right about now, so we caught up with Alesha to find out how she turned the same room where she brushes her teeth into the most relaxing place in her home. Read on to find out her best self-care tips, hear where she gets her best thinking done, and discover the Delta Bath products from The Home Depot that make her bathroom oh so beautiful.

Alesha gets that not everyone has such strong feelings about their bathroom. She finds beauty in every little part of her WC, though — from the sink to the bath mat to the toilet. “Every experience in my bathroom is set up for optimal relaxation,” she joked. “I even have a Squatty Potty!”

When Alesha walks into her bathroom, she doesn’t want to see any toothpaste stains on the sink and water drips on the floor. But since she doesn’t really want to spend her time cleaning up, either, Alesha opts for hardware that stays clean. Take her pull-down faucet, for instance. The handle telescopes out so she can easily rinse off any gunk that’s stuck on the porcelain sink. “Between my masks, face washes, and toothpaste, this feature keeps the peace in my home,” she said. “A clean sink is a happy Alesha!”

Every week, Alesha blocks off her calendar on Sunday night so she can pamper herself. “I make it a point to give myself an at-home facial, full-body scrub, and long soak [in the bathtub] every Sunday,” she said. “Hitting the recharge button on yourself is vital.” If that means she has to turn down plans, too bad — she knows that making time for herself is worth it.

That’s where Alesha’s extensive collection of skincare products comes in. Though she usually keeps her regimen simple — just toner, oil, moisturizer, and “a good SPF” — she goes all out with the body scrubs, bath soaks, and face masks on Sunday. Thankfully, her vanity easily holds all her serums, toners, scrubs, and creams, so this product junkie doesn’t have to worry about clutter.

When she’s in her bathroom, Alesha treats herself like a queen. If that means needing a new towel every time she showers, so be it. “I only like to use the same towel twice before I feel the need to launder it,” she laughed. Expandable towel bars give her more space for her bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths, so she can use as many as she wants.

Like any queen, she needs her throne — of the porcelain variety, at least. We’d be remiss not to mention Alesha’s love for a supercomfortable toilet. “I, like many other people, do my best thinking on the porcelain throne! [There’s] nothing worse than a cramped toilet seat,” she said. “I love that this seat is a little larger, as we are a tall drink of water over here! [There’s] plenty of space for my cakes and legs to rest comfortably while I . . . think.”

Before we wrap up the bathroom talk, Alesha has one last piece of advice for anyone who thinks she’s a little nuts for loving her toilet that much. “Self-care, to me, means taking care of myself first. . . . If I’m not full emotionally and mentally, I can’t contribute to my friends, my family, nor my job.”

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