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With the dangers of blood pressure medication, many want to know how to lower blood pressure naturally and quickly. And while some of the common natural home remedies — like diet change and weight loss — for high blood pressure do take some time, others can help reduce spikes, especially if they are caused by stress or other manageable triggers.

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How to lower blood pressure naturally and quickly

For those that experience high blood pressure, lowering it can be life-saving. After all, chronic high blood pressure can lead to some pretty scary consequences like heart disease. Here’s how to lower blood pressure naturally and quickly, without medication:

Avoid caffeine

When it comes to high blood pressure, caffeine can cause confusion. But, however it effects you, most experts recommend dialing down on the caffeine to help avoid spikes in high blood pressure. That said, if you do experience high blood pressure, it’s best to avoid coffee, tea, chocolate, and other caffeinated items for the time being.

Do some deep breathing

Stress is a common cause of high blood pressure. So, being mindful of your current stress levels can be ultra helpful — especially if you want to try and lower blood pressure naturally. If you feel stressed or are about to head into a stressful situation, take a moment to focus on your breathing. Inhale and exhale deeply in a meditative-like state to decrease stress and bring you back to Earth.


Speaking of meditation and breathing, practicing some meditation might also help you better manage your stress and, as a result, lower blood pressure naturally. There are all types of meditation practices out there, many of which can be accessed through apps like Headspace and Calm.


Certain yoga moves can also help lower blood pressure naturally. Try poses such as downward dog, backbend, headstand, forearm stand, and standing forward bends to help lower blood pressure at home. You can also lay on your back in corpse pose and practice breathing deeply to help lower your heart rate and blood pressure.

Put down the cigarette

Smoking is a common contributor to high blood pressure. And, quitting is one of the best — read: most effective — ways to lower blood pressure without medication. However, simply putting out your cigarette can lower blood pressure. In the minutes after you smoke, your blood pressure might experience a similar spike, but following that it can decrease significantly.

Cayenne pepper

According to some reports, cayenne pepper is one of the most effective ways to lower blood pressure naturally and quickly. The spice is a vasodilator. meaning it can improve blood flow and expand blood vessels. And, as a result, blood pressure lowers. Add one teaspoon of the spice to a cup of warm lemon water with honey and sip.

Balance electrolytes

One cause of high blood pressure is an imbalance of electrolytes, so balancing them can help lower blood pressure naturally. Drinking coconut water is an easy, effective way to help balance electrolytes. It is chock full of minerals, including potassium, which can balance the blood’s sodium levels.

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