How to sleep through a storm – five ways to beat Storm Eunice

Storm Eunice: Senior meteorologist Jim Dale on what to expect

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The sound of rain is thought to be one of the most soothing sounds to fall asleep to, but heavy downpours and 100mph gusts can be quite the opposite. As Storm Eunice prepares to blast the nation, sleeping Brits could have a rude awakening in the early hours of Friday morning as gale-force winds hit homes up and down the country. Getting to sleep during a storm is one thing, but what’s the secret to sleeping the whole night through?

How to sleep through a storm

Trembling windows and stormy downpours can be unnerving at the best of times, especially when you’re in a deep sleep.

While noise-cancelling earplugs are one way to block out the noise, the key to staying asleep throughout the night could be down to the way you hit the pillow in the first place.

A clean and cosy bed is one of the best ways to sink into a much-needed slumber, but how should you prepare to settle down ahead of Storm Eunice?

De-stress before you head to bed

Whether you’re most relaxed after a cup of tea or a hot bath, taking the time to feel at ease before bed won’t go amiss before the dreaded storm arrives.

Switch off from the severe weather warnings and focus on yourself before climbing into bed.

Research shows that some of the best ways to de-stress before bed include:

  • Decluttering your bedroom – anxiety levels can worsen with physical clutter
  • Drinking herbal tea – chamomile and ginger are particularly soothing
  • Doing physical exercise

Change your sheets

The feeling of fresh sheets is undeniable, and tonight is the perfect excuse to snuggle down into clean bedding.

Create a sanctuary with fresh linen to feel more comfortable as you close your eyes.

To prepare your cosy sheets for a deep sleep, pour one capful of fabric conditioner into a clean spray bottle and top with water.

Shake and spritz on your bedding to eliminate creases while leaving a soothing scent – it is guaranteed to make you drift off faster.

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Secure your home

Remove unnecessary Storm Eunice stress by making sure your home and garden are secure before heading to bed.
Lock all doors and windows and stow away loose items from the garden.

Pad-out breezy gaps around frames with draught excluders and remove any wind chimes or wall-mounted decorations from your garden.

Surround yourself with pillows

Add extra pillows to your bed tonight to form a thick, cosy barrier around the perimeter of your bed.

This will subconsciously make you feel safer right through the night while adding extra warmth from the pillow cocoon.

Sleep in a hooded top

If you’re not a fan of earplugs or eye masks, an oversized hoodie could offer some extra comfort while you sleep.

Choose one big enough to cover both your ears and eyes to block out two of the main stimulants for staying awake – light and noise.

Keep your room dark while you sleep to avoid interrupting the body’s internal clock if you do notice the stormy weather during the night.

Avoid screens before bed

Keep your bedroom phone-free before heading to bed and avoid bright TV screens to help you fall asleep.

The blue light emitted from these popular devices will trick your brain into thinking it’s daytime, making it even harder to fall asleep.

Instead, use the night mode feature on your phone for at least three hours before hitting the pillow.

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