‘HTGAWM’ Bombshells: [Spoiler] Is Brutally Killed & Gabriel Maddox’s Identity Is Revealed

Who died at the wedding? All was revealed during the Nov. 15 fall finale of ‘How To Get Away With Murder.’ Plus, we finally found out Gabriel Maddox’s identity, and it is SHOCKING!

Miller is the person who met his demise during the Nov. 15 episode of How To Get Away With Murder. Before Connor and Oliver’s wedding, he goes off about Annalise to Bonnie. Any person with common sense knows that you don’t trash Annalise in front of Bonnie. She leaves for the wedding without him. Despite their fight, Miller plans to propose to her at the wedding, but she tells him to go home after learning he’s the one who had Nate’s dad killed. Miller swears that he didn’t do it.

Instead of getting in his car and bolting, Miller tries to go back to the wedding reception. Nate catches him on the way in and corners him. Miller stands by his claim that he didn’t have Nate’s dad killed. Nate doesn’t believe him. He starts punching Miller over and over and over and over again. It’s brutal.

Bonnie finds Nate, and he shows her the evidence he has against Miller. Bonnie walks over to Miller to finish him off. Bonnie is savage AF. This girl has been getting away with murder since day one of HTGAWM. As Connor is serenading Oliver, Nate covers up the bloody snow and dumps Miller’s body in his trunk. No one notices a thing.

That’s not the only bombshell of the episode. Annalise finally discovers who Gabriel Maddox really is, thanks to Frank. Gabriel is none other than Samuel Keating’s son! Yes, you read that right. His mother is Vivian Maddox, Sam’s first wife. When Annalise looks at Gabriel, she sees Samuel’s face. Does anyone else have chills? How To Get Away With Murder season 5 will return in Jan. 2019.

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