‘I can spend £9k in minutes in designer shops – but I’d rather spend it on jets’

Flying around the world and splashing the cash in designer shops will forever be a dream for most of us as we watch influencers go out and live the way we could never afford to.

Fans of US social media influencer Tana Mongeau recently got a glimpse of such a lifestyle on TikTok after she demonstrated how easy it was for her to spend thousands in less than half an hour.

The influencer, who many people in their early 20s watched bag her riches in YouTube vlogs, recently shared a clip to show how she managed to spend £9,000 in 20 minutes.

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Despite being out shopping to pick up a birthday gift for a friend, a few items in Balenciaga and Prada caught her eye that she just had to have for herself.

In the clip, which has gained more than 228,000 likes, she wrote: "How I spent $10,000 in 20 minutes yesterday."

"Over the years I have learned that I am so much better off just buying the gifts online because if I go to the store, I'm going to leave with the birthday gifts – and everything else in the store, for myself," she said.

Tana admitted that going on a designer clothes shopping spree wasn't something she would usually do. Instead, she'd rather spend money on private jets and just asking her stylist to get her anything she wants.

She added: "I feel like I spend my money on so many other dumba** things like jets, I don't really buy a lot of designer stuff in the store.

"I'll usually just text my stylist if I want one specific thing, so when I get in a store I definitely go a little crazy."

Tana went on to try to justify her massive spend by claiming that she had wanted the items for a while, then added: "But also not, I'm just lying, let me get into the haul."

The haul featured a pair of Balenciaga trainers, the iconic Prada loafers, two pairs of Balenciaga sunglasses, a denim jacket, a Prada necktie, and high heels – all of which she assured her fans she will wear all the time.

But viewers were too distracted by the price tag on the luxury items, taking to the comments to express their shock at how she is able to spend so much money because she feels like it.

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One user said: "Just try being poor."

Another added: "Imagine having that much money to just have a shopping spree and still be able to live after that."

A third commented: "Oh to have money."

A fourth said: "Goals girl – when I am rich, & mark my words I will be one day, this will be me hands down every time I go into the store to shop."


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