‘I get such bad anxiety when the twins kick off in public – I panic,’ says Frankie Essex

Former TOWIE star Frankie Essex gave birth to her twins, whom she shares with boyfriend Luke Love, in May and has since revealed to the world that they’ve named their little bundles of joy Logan and Luella.

In her exclusive column for OK!, Frankie’s discussed a range of topics in regards to motherhood – from her first social outing with the twins and a blackout at her home when they were just a few days old, to returning to the gym and her birthday “hitting different” as a result of her late mum not being around.

This week, Frankie gives an update on her ongoing house renovations, and recalls Logan “kicking off big time” while she tried to do a food shop…

I’ve been using my TOWIE contacts to help with the house

The house has come along so far. We’ve got our windows and doors in, the electricity's all done, the plumbing’s all done. Basically everything’s brand new and we got a new boiler.

We actually got the boiler from [James] Diags because his dad owns a plumbing shop so I just rang Diags and said we needed loads of stuff. I’d rather pay Diags than go to another company as it’s helping small businesses. We always stay loyal to our friends and family and stuff. We’d rather pay people we know.

The twins are wanting to sit upright more

I bought a little seat for one of the babies. I only got one because we’ve got a lot of twos of everything, so I thought if they don’t like it I’d be stuck with two of them. It’s a giraffe seat and, I never knew this, but Smyths Toys deliver the same day! It’s something like £2.99 for next day delivery, or £3.50 for same-day [for people in London and Birmingham areas].

Logan loved the chair because he just wants to sit up. He can’t hold himself up – he can hold his neck up, but he can’t fully sit upright, do you know what I mean? It’s like he always wants to be held, but really he just wants to sit up. We put Luella in it this morning as well and she loved it. I might have to buy another one…

Logan’s grade A tantrum

I went to Asda to do a food shop and Logan kicked off big time. Luella was sleeping and he was literally screaming. When he did it, I was literally in the toy section and I was looking for baby milk, but I grabbed three toys and put them in front of him. I just needed him to be quiet. It was so embarrassing.

Then another little girl started crying and the mum went to her: ‘You need to stop crying, you’ve made that baby cry.’ She looked at me and I laughed and I thought… [Logan’s] made her cry. But I think she was trying to make me feel better.

I get really bad anxiety when he screams like that and it makes me panic. I don’t know why, but I get really hot and start panicking.

I managed to go back in later and properly do a food shop, and I found these two cute Children In Need babygrows that I got for the twins.

Luella scratched herself

Luella doesn’t kick off like Logan does – unless she’s hungry or needs her nappy changing. The other day I was driving back to Brentwood and she scratched her whole face and I burst out crying when I got her out the car. You know when she’s so frustrated? She fell asleep in the end but she scratched all her little face.

I was so upset because I felt guilty but I was driving and I couldn’t pull over. If I did, Logan would have woken up and started crying as well, so I just thought that I needed to get home. When I took a picture of her face it looked really bad, but it’s gone down now.

I’m not sending the twins to nursery just yet

At the moment I don’t want to put them in the nursery because they can’t even sit up as they’re still babies, but we did look into it. It’s so expensive, especially with two babies.

I do want them to go because I want them to be advanced but I’m just going to see what happens in the future and see where we are. My friend’s little boy just turned one and he goes twice a week.

When they’re a bit older and able to sit up and not having their bottles, I’ll think about it because having to bottle feed is a lot. Luella is quite easy but Logan likes to take his time.

I like feeding them because I know how to do it. I feel like it’s my job and my responsibility. But when they start eating and I can just leave them with nursery, then 100% they can go.

I don’t want the twins to be too clingy…

I was really clingy to my mum. I was obsessed with her! She called me her shadow. I wouldn’t let her now sleep in my bed, she had to cuddle me to sleep – and that was up until she died when I was 13.

It must have put a lot of pressure on my mum and dad because they will want to have slept in their own bed together.

I don't really want the twins to be like that, but they’ve got each other so that’s quite cute really. They’ll be in the same room until they get older and want their own.


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