‘I have big boobs – women who want them don’t understand what it’s like’

A woman has left social media users in hysterics after she shared the brutal reality of having big boobs.

Zoe Tyler, who posts online under the username @thezolyspirit, filmed a rant about having a naturally large chest.

She grew tired of hearing women with smaller chests wishing they had them too – so decided to let them know what it is really like to have big boobs.

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The TikToker wanted them to realise how lucky they are not to be saddled under the weight of them.

In the video, which has gained more than 1.1million likes, she said: "Oh, you do, you do. You got a backpack. Fill it with bricks, wear it on your front and run for the bus and come back here.

"Tell me you want some t**ties. You like wearing tank tops to sleep. You like how when you wake up in the morning, your t**ties are in the shirt where you left them?

"I wear a tank top to sleep. I wake up to my t**ty on the pillow next to me asking what's for breakfast? I haven't seen my belly button since I was 13.

"My little bralette. I love my cute little lacey bralette. Get ready for a bra strap so wide you can land a plane on it. Indestructible, military-grade, 97 clasps.

"You like trampolines downward dog jumping for joy. Not anymore. You like when people look you in the eyes when they're talking to you? Yeah. Say goodbye to all that. Especially in the summer.

"'My back ache and my bra too tight' was a prophecy, was a warning.

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"One time I was watching something on my laptop and I leaned forward to grab some juice and when I leaned back and looked at the screen, my boobs had quit my job, texted my ex and started nuclear war with Russia.

"Now you gotta strap those bad boys down every time you leave the house. Unless you become a stumbling block to your brothers in Christ at the 'Stop and shop.'"

TikTok viewers were left in hysterics over the clip – as they took to the comments to give their opinion about having a large chest.

One user said: "THE ACCURACY."

Another added: "Truth."

A third commented: "Yessss!! So excited my reduction is in a week!!"

"I hear you, but it’s so embarrassing to get sized at VS and be told “we’re not going to have anything small enough for you"," a fourth wrote.

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