I haven't been on a date for ten years – and I crave that special feeling of being in love with a woman | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: NOBODY really understands me when I say I’m lonely.

I last had a girlfriend more than a decade ago.

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She was my fiancée and we were together for 20 years, but she ended our relationship after meeting someone else.

Her life moved on, but I’m stuck.

At 54, I have no children and live on my own in a tiny one-bedroom flat.

I hate going to bed every night alone and waking up by myself too.

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I crave that special feeling of being in love with a woman.

I have so much to give to the right person.

I try to remain positive and keep telling myself there is someone out there – I just haven’t found her yet.

But after several knocks my confidence is at rock bottom.

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DEIDRE SAYS: It is tough to find yourself alone after years of being in a couple.

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Check out meetup.com to find local groups where you can find new interests and friends.

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I’m sending you my support pack, Feeling Lonely, which has lots of suggestions too.

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