‘I left my boyfriend for a girl and he decided to get my best friend pregnant’

A woman claims her ex-boyfriend got her best friend pregnant – not long after she ditched him for a woman.

Amy Corke came out after 20 odd years, which may have surprised some as she had a male partner.

She broke up with him, but it didn't take long to realise her ex-boyfriend started dating her best friend.

Posting on TikTok, she exposed him by saying: "When you leave him for a girl so he gets your 'best friend' pregnant…

"Safe to say we’re not friends anymore."

Although she didn't go into detail about how the relationship ended, she exposed comments she received regarding her sexuality.

One wrote: "When you leave your ex and he tells you no ones going to want you with three kids.

"And then gets with someone with six kids and doesn't pay for his."

Amy revealed that she met her girlfriend online and she fell in love with her on the first date.

They became best friends but didn't start dating straight away.

In a video Amy hinted "persistence" is the key to her lesbian relationship.

She also added: "Do not take no for an answer… and presents seemed to do the trick for me."

Her girlfriend Kelsea replied: "I'm glad you didn't give up. Best thing to ever happen to me."

A viewer wrote: "My wife rejected me at first and now we're happily married for almost 17 years."

One commented: "I will try the same thing as soon as possible. I have been waiting for her for a year and three months and Monday, we are going to meet up again."

"I'm so happy for you!" a third chimed in.

"The most beautiful couple, go girls."

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