I lied about how many partners I've had and my boyfriend isn't happy

DEAR DEIDRE: MEN only like women with experience – that’s what my ex drummed into me.

So I told my current boyfriend I’d had four sexual partners even though it’s just one.

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I’m 19 and so is my boyfriend.

He asked early on so I made up a larger number – and it has really backfired because he definitely doesn’t think it’s better to sleep with more people.

Now he keeps bringing it up and he has told me he is struggling with it. He only had one partner before me.

Should I tell him the truth and risk him not believing anything I say again?

DEIDRE SAYS: It is always better to be yourself rather than play the part of someone else. Whatever the number of sexual partners you have had, you have chosen to be with your boyfriend.

To help gain confidence I’m sending you my support pack Raising Self Esteem.

If you want to wipe the slate clean you can tell your boyfriend the truth, explain the background and I’m sure in time he will see he can trust you.

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