I want a family of my own but I'll never have that now that I'm going through the menopause

I am 46 and had an early menopause. I thought I would be married by now but I was let down by my partner, who strung me along for ten years, before I found out he was cheating. He is on a swingers website.

I feel on the outside looking in on this world, especially during the Christmas time.

My friends won’t always be there for me and I think about growing old with no one to look after me. It is all very sad.

DEIDRE SAYS:  I do get how devastated you feel but it’s time to regroup.

Make yourself a life plan of goals you’d like to achieve, dreams you’d like to fulfil and how you could put your strengths to best use.

You can find understanding support too through daisy network.org.uk for women who have early menopause.

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