‘I was so poor I ate cat food – now I’m living in luxury dining out for free’

A woman who used to eat food for a cat and rummage through pockets for loose change now lives a life of luxury as she sips champagne on the regular and dines out in style – for free.

Sarah Green, 23, studied Psychology at the University of West London while juggling a part-time job but despite her best efforts, she struggled to get by.

She even admitted to having to steal her flatmates shower gel and even chopped her own hair as living costs were getting on top of the then student.

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“I lived off 29p pasta and ready salted crisps – I’d even had to search through old coats for loose change to be able to afford a weekly shop", Sarah candidly shared.

"There was a local cat who used to visit our flat, so my housemates would buy tinned salmon for it – and sometimes when I’d run out of food I’d sneak into the kitchen and eat a tin.

"I’d heard all about ‘student life’ and knew living costs in London were mad, but I didn’t expect to be stealing my flatmate’s shower gel and having to cut my own hair."

But, things have now dramatically changed for Sarah.

After thinking she may have to drop out of university and being told by her parents that she cannot move back home, she knew something had to budge.

Scrolling through Instagram, Sarah came across free social app Bloc, where users could be rewarded with cryptocurrency for just visiting restaurants and bars around London.

Enticed by anything to get off of the packets of crisps and cat food, the then student decided to make a go of it.

And, it has changed her life.

“I started off slowly, popping into different places like bars and restaurants, checking in and ordering a soft drink. Within a few weeks, my crypto balance slowly began creeping up – I wasn't expecting that."

At first, Sarah didn't know just how much the app could effect her life. Plenty of options to buy various items including cosmetics to e-scooters are made possible through building up your cryptocurrency.

She explained: "Now, I take it a bit more seriously – I've started setting aside time to visit more and more places. In the last few months I’ve earned over £5,000 and spent it on upgrading my lifestyle – beauty products, hair stylists and 5-star meals”.

Sarah often visits Harley Street clinics for top notch procedures and gets her hair styled at award winning Mayfair salon Hiro Miyoshi and at the Ritz.

"I’ve noticed that a lot of my crypto income has come from men sending me currency. I think that being a woman has definitely helped get my balance up.

"I make sure I always get dolled up so the crypto keeps rolling in.

"I didn’t think I could live this lifestyle as a uni student but I’m so thrilled I can."

Real money or Bloc's own currency '$BLOC' can be earned on the app, and users can also connect with others using the app when checked into the same location.


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