‘I wear make-up and velour clothes at gym, it shows men what they can’t have’

A self-proclaimed "gym rat" has responded to people who call her out for wearing full makeup and dressing up for her workouts.

American Rosa Esparza started working out at the beginning of the year and underwent an incredible transformation with muscle gains, as well as butt growth.

Sharing her fitness journey and tips on TikTok, she enjoys dressing up in fun outfits to make herself feel good while working out.

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In the videos, she shows off her leopard print onesie as well as a velvet plunging top with matching pants.

The fashion guru even alters her clothes to make them more "gym-friendly".

"This top is from Fashion Nova and I just cut the sleeves off!" she revealed.

Rosa also jokes that she puts on full makeup to work out because it's "the only place" she goes.

"Even if I did have plans I still cancel just to hit the gym," she explained.

"Looking and feeling good is a good a** workout! Do and wear whatever the f*** you want to the gym!

"Who gives a damn about what others think! Do whatever makes you happy."

But haters called her out for wearing clubbing clothes to the gym.

One said: "When you have the gym at 6pm and the club at 7pm."

"A velour set and a full-face makeup?" another asked and a third added: "Why do you go to the gym almost naked?"

Rosa said she's been getting a lot of compliments on her velour clothes, which give her motivation for a "bomb workout".

"It is to show men what they can't have, not to gain their attention. I wear it for me, myself and I," she added.

Her fans sent her positive energy in the comments and supported her, saying: "You wear whatever you are comfortable in."

"Absolutely wear whatever you feel good in!" a second chimed in.


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