I went to the new Greggs cafe in Primark – I was surprised by the prices of sausage rolls, steak bakes and more | The Sun

SAUSAGE rolls and shopping are two of my favourite things, so I was excited to see the new Greggs cafe in Primark’s Oxford Street store.

I was lucky enough to beat the crowds and take a sneak peak around the new café in Primark's flagship London store this morning.

The new café opened officially at 1:30pm, just in time for shoppers to grab a spot of lunch.

Greggs has over 2,000 stores nationwide, and this is the bakery chain’s second largest café in the UK.

The biggest one is in another Primark in Birmingham which opened earlier this year – here's what we thought when we took a look around it.

The new cafe in Primark’s London store is on the top floor of the mega four-floor shop, and it was definitely giving off Love Island vibes with its neon signs and bright furniture when I arrive.

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There were doughnut-themed seating areas, more than big enough to seat the whole family round.

You can find lots of London-themed features in the café too.

There’s also a Double Decker bus seating area you can catch a coffee break in.

While there’s a fun interactive game booth which looks like a telephone box at the entrance of the café – the game is a bit like a virtual game of snap where you pair up matching Greggs treats on a screen.

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The cafe can fit 110 people in it, and there’s treats you won’t find in the majority of Greggs stores here.

You can buy hot yum-yums with a choice of salted caramel or milk chocolate sauce after 4pm for £2.70, and you can customise your own pizza toppings too, with prices starting from £2.20.

But you can still get the classic fan favourites from steak bakes to doughnuts.

There were sausage rolls everywhere – and not just behind the counter.

There’s a sausage roll swing that you can pose on for pics, and I bet the kids would love it too.

If you upload your pic to Instagram and tag the bakery chain in it, your photo might flash up on one of its screens.

Surprising prices

I wanted to see if customers were paying more for their treats because of the snazzy decor.

I thought fans would be paying a premium sitting in and eating their meal in the glam setting.

But it was no more expensive than what you’d pay at other London stores.

For example, a tuna mayonnaise roll costs the same as what I would pay at my local Greggs in south London at £3.50.

That will come as a relief to fans, who have already been hit by three separate price hikes on their favourite snacks.

Greggs raised its prices by between 5p and 10p back in January, including sausage rolls.

The price of the popular pastries and their vegan counterparts rose from £1 to £1.05.

In May, the chain then put up prices again, with sausage rolls rising to £1.10.

More cafes to come

Greggs told me that it will undoubtedly open more cafes in Primark stores in the near future.

It said a handful of cafes could open next year, and the two companies are working together to identify which of Primark's 191 stores would work best for the collaboration.

You can even click and collect your Greggs goodies, and shop around while you wait to pick up your order.

It’s not the only Gregg Primark collaboration that has happened this year.

The duo launched a fashion collection in July where you could buy Greggs themed bodysuits, bumbags and bucket hats as part of a festival collection.

And in February, it launched cosy branded hoodies and sausage roll print pants – which sold out in MINUTES.

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