Iggy Azalea Desperate For Danielle Bregoli To ‘Go Away’: Feud Makes Them Both Look ‘Ridiculous’

Cardi B’s FashionNova launch party was marred by Danielle Bregoli allegedly throwing a drink on Iggy Azalea in an attempt to start a fight. We’ve got details on how Iggy wishes that she’d just go away and stop embarrassing the both of them.

Random rap feud of the day goes to Iggy Azalea and Danielle Bregoli, the rebellious “Cash me outside” teen from Dr. Phil who has parlayed her fame into a rap career. The 15-year-old and the “Cream” rapper both scored invites to Cardi B’s new FashionNova line launch in LA on Nov. 14. Danielle — who goes by the rap name Bhad Babie — confronted Iggy and allegedly threw a drink on her in an attempt to start a brawl. Iggy wasn’t having it, refusing to engage the teen in a fight and she’s absolutely mortified by the whole incident.

“Iggy is embarrassed to have even been involved in the scene created by Danielle at Cardi’s party. Iggy thinks the entire incident is absolutely ridiculous and laughable. She would never come after a child like that and knows Danielle was just looking for clout by messing with her,” a source close to the 28-year-old tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

Iggy shared the news in an Instagram story video where she had wet hair and revealed “Am I just going to have a half and half wig for the rest of the night?” She added the caption, “So the Dr. Phil girl is really upset about me apparently and thought I’d fight a child?! LOL Anyway! The fashion nova party is LIT!” Danielle ended up getting escorted out of the party by security and went on an Instagram tirade against Iggy from the parking lot. She later called Iggy “washed up as hell” in a statement.

“Iggy doesn’t want to be associated with Danielle and wishes she would just go away and stop coming for her on social media because it just makes both of them look ridiculous. Iggy is too busy with her own life and working on new music to mess with a little kid. She feels bad this happened during such an important night for Cardi and meant no disrespect whatsoever,” our insider continues.

A source close to Danielle is coming for Iggy just as hard as the teen is. An insider tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY that “It is in Danielle’s best interest to distance herself from Iggy. We’re talking about an artist who hasn’t had a hit in several years, and was recently dropped by her record label.” Savage!

The source adds, “Bhad Bhabie has broken several music sales records this year and would prefer to focus on continuing her music success. With that being said, Bhabie is a very young and very real, and has a tendency to overreact when people make negative comments online and approach her in person with a totally different energy. We do not condone her actions, but also do not condone Iggy’s efforts to continually use Danielle’s name to get headlines.” Iggy called Danielle’s actions too “preschool” for her in a tweet and added “Imagine me scrambling around on the floor in a dirty night club trying to hit a teenage girl. Girl. NO. I’m grown and will simply have you REMOVED and continue enjoying myself.”

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