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MATHS experts have revealed a surefire way to win a prize in the National Lottery every time – but it comes with a catch.

According to their research, buying 27 tickets while choosing specific numbers guarantees you a win.

David Cushing and David Stewart, from the University of Manchester, calculated a specific sequence of numbers that National Lottery players should choose to win every time.

In the National Lottery, players select six different numbers between 1 and 59.

Six balls are then drawn, revealing the winning numbers.

Prizes are awarded to players who match at least two of the six drawn numbers.


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According to Cushing and Stewart, buying 27 tickets using a sequence of numbers they have identified means winning a prize is guaranteed.

However, they do not guarantee winning the jackpot every time – just that you'll win a prize.

Matching all six numbers will win you the National Lottery jackpot, which rolls over depending on how recently it was won and is often worth millions of pounds.

Getting five numbers plus a bonus ball will win players £1,000,000, while those who get five numbers right will win £1,750.

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Four numbers correct wins a prize of £140, while three scores players £30.

Two matching numbers wins players a free lucky dip – another entry into the lottery with randomly selected numbers.

Tickets cost £2 each – meaning using the mathematicians' theory could result in players simply winning a single free lucky dip.

If that lucky dip then fails to win, players will have spent £54 for no money back.

To read more on the findings and see the full set of sequences click here.

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