‘I’m a mum with natural 38GG boobs – some stare but my bust makes me thousands’

A mum with massive boobs admitted that her natural assets have her helped set up a side hustle – and earns £3000 a month.

Single parent Jessica Rampant, 35, used to slog away at a £75k-a-year job in the recruiting industry as a manager after completing her education at an all girls Catholic school.

But when she lost her income while she was pregnant and single, she had to use her brains, beauty and natural 38GG bust in order to keep herself afloat.

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After years of people gawking at the mum's chest, the beauty decided to finally "weaponise" them.

She never thought of pursuing a sexy career as an OnlyFans model before – but it has helped her look after herself and young daughter.

"For years my breasts have been the topic of every conversation," Jessica told Fabulous.

"You cannot hide them, I could be wearing a turtleneck and people would still stare.

"I decided to financially weaponise them since I'm the sole provider for my daughter."

Having only started her spicy career in December, Jessica has already made £3200 in her first month on the platform – and gets to spend a lot more time with her daughter.

It appears that the mum had already built up quite the thick skin after being the centre of the joke due to her busty appearance. So not even the stigma around her work can dull her 'motivation' to provide for her child.

"You have doubts", Jessica noted. "But I'm a pragmatic person and I’m very financially motivated"

"Now I have my own schedule, can take care of my girl full-time and watch her grow up.

"The working world is not conducive to a single mum with no childcare and if I paid privately I’d have no money.

"Instead I do a couple of hours every day while she naps and spend the rest of the time with my child."


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