‘I’m a plus-size nursery teacher — some kids are scared I’ll eat them for lunch’

Kids can be brutal, especially when they aren't old enough to have developed a filter so they just blurt out whatever they're thinking.

This has caused no end of trouble for a plus-size woman who teaches at a nursery in the US. She claims she is constantly mocked by the kids for her size.

She has also allegedly been compared to Ursula, the sea witch from Disney's The Little Mermaid and roasted for having leg hair.

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One kid apparently said: "You have prickles on your legs, like the grass outside my apartment."

TikTok user @suestylevibes has amassed over 15,000 followers from a series of videos where she shares examples of taunts her students have made about her body shape.

Captioning the latest clip, which has gained more than 641,000 likes, Sue wrote: "I'll never run out of material for these."

In the video, she claimed a child had said: "There are two types of people. Some have a line body, some have circle bodies like you."

"I can sit on you. But you can't sit on me," another student added.

A third was even terrified that the teacher was going to gobble them up, as one of the quotes read: "Please don't eat me for lunch."

A fourth told her that her arm "feels like a stress ball."

However, not all of the comments made to Sue were insults, as she claims one child even called her "the prettiest girl in the world."

Viewers were left stunned at the comments she would hear on a daily basis and claimed that they wouldn't be able to handle it themselves.

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One user said: "Omg what do you say back I couldn’t hold back my tears and anger."

Another added: "The way I would get defensive and roast a small child."

However, a third defended the kids, writing: "The thing about kids, it's usually quite innocent. It's rarely meant as an insult unless they are much older."


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