I’m pregnant by a random guy — should I tell my aggressive partner? – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: DURING an evening out, I met a guy and woke up in his bed the next morning. Now I’m pregnant.

I already have a little boy with my partner, who I love, though he has been angry and aggressive for ages.

We are both 24 and our son is 18 months old.

I went on a night out with my sister six weeks ago. I had a lot to drink and can’t remember much but I woke up in bed with a random guy.

We have been seeing each other since. But my lover will react badly if I tell him I’m having his baby.

DEIDRE SAYS: I am sorry you have to face a tough choice but it doesn’t sound as though your partner or your lover would make a caring dad right now.

My e-leaflet on Unplanned Pregnancy can help you find support to decide how to handle this pregnancy.

You and your partner already have a little boy together so, for his sake, at least tell him he must see his doctor to get help for his anger issues.

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