Influencers show how ‘dumb’ they look when they’re trying to get ‘perfect’ shot

A pair of influencers have revealed how they get the ‘perfect’ shot – and even admitted to ‘looking dumb’ doing it.

Sunneva Einars boasts 51,000 followers on Instagram, where she regularly posts her super stylish outfits and effortless looking poses.

Many people think social media stars are naturally born with their skills.

However, Sunneva has exposed how influencers get ‘that’ shot even if it makes them look a little silly.

The blonde babe took to her TikTok, where she has a further 22,000 followers, to show just how it is done.

In the clip, she can be seen in a white crop top and a pair of white low waisted cargo trousers.

The influencer was joined by another content creator who donned a full black outfit.

Sunneva wrote: “POV: You are trying to get the perfect walking pic and this is how dumb you look.”

Instead of actually walking, the pair just swayed back and forth to imitate a walking action to get the ‘perfect’ shot.

So, it’s really that easy!

Sunneva captioned the post: “Exposing ourselves.”

Despite exposing their top tips, people were baffled as to why they use this method.

One person commented: “Why not just simply…walk.”

Another added: “Wait surely you don’t actually do this.”

Whilst a third voiced: “Are people really this obsessed with photos.”

Someone else gasped: “So this is how it’s done.”

And, a fifth declared: “The fact that people really make taking pics their whole lifestyle.”

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