Inside Marcel Somerville’s gorgeous nursery for his son as he prepares to become a dad

Marcel Somerville put his “DIY Daddy” cap on to transform his unborn son’s room into a beautiful nursery.

The Love Island star, 34, and his fiancée Rebecca Vieira, 24, revealed their hard work in an Instagram post as they marked week 27 of her pregnancy.

Inside the room, the couple had opted for a grey colour scheme for their baby boy, with clouds stuck to the light switch and a star and cloud mobile attached to the light.

As well as the sky theme, Marcel and Rebecca added stuffed animals all around the room including elephants, dogs and bears.

Giving a hint at what their baby name may be the loved-up pair had a letter ‘R’ stood on one of the shelves along with children’s books and baby necessities.

Let’s take a look inside Marcel and Rebecca’s nursery for their son…

Marcel shared the big reveal of the nursery on his Instagram in a series of pictures, writing in the caption: "Week 27 the Nursery is Complete… And It’s PERFECT!!! So proud of @rebeccavieirax and Myself #DIYDADDY we fully got our interior design on with it and the #fengshui is on point!!!"

The couple have opted for a grey colour scheme eschewing the traditional blue for their unborn son. They also added a white canopy above the cot decorated with white, grey and turquoise pom poms.

Hanging on the grey painted walls are three framed illustrations, one of a cloud and stars, a moon and stars and the lyrics from Twinkle Twinkle Little Star nursery rhyme.

Rebecca said the huge mirror above the changing table and chest of drawers was one of her favourite things in the nursery.

Following the grey colour scheme the couple had selected a plush grey carpet, as well as light grey curtains with clouds on them and a little set of basket drawers with elephant handles.

The majority of the furniture they have picked for the nursery is white, with a wardrobe, chest of drawers and a set of shelves.

Keeping with the sky theme, the couple have added sweet touches like sticking clouds to the light switch

A felt cloud and star mobile is added onto the ceiling light to create a clever effect.

The shelves have the letter ‘R’ on it which is certainly a hint towards the name they have already selected for their baby boy. Marcel added: "His name will be on the wall but it’s a secret for now so we couldn’t put that part up yet!"

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