Inside once-thriving boozer which has become needle-infested ‘pub from hell’

Shocking pictures show how a once-popular local boozer has become a needle-infested ‘pub from hell’.

The Albion in Grimsby was once a thriving watering hole which was popular with the town’s dock workers before closing eight years ago.

But shocking new pictures show how the pub has become den for hardcore drug users after falling into disrepair.

Stacks of used needles lie strewn across the tables where drinkers used to sit and chat, GrimsbyLive reported .

The core of the pub is still recognisable as the furniture and ornate features remain intact but the onslaught of unwanted visitors has now taken its toll after nearly a decade of neglect.

Intruders have broken makeshift holes through the roof and have have ripped up the floorboards in search valuable copper.

The building itself now faces the wrecking ball as the once-grand Edwardian structure continues to rot.

The pub’s owner, Surrinder Mehat, says he feels he has no option but to tear it down and start from scratch.

Architect Terry Litten risked his life detailing the state of building ahead of a new planning application to replace it with a three-storey-block of flats.

"I have been in the business 50 years and I have never seen a building as drug infested as that," he told Grimsby Live after his brave venture inside.

"I could get a bath full of needles. Not a bag full, a bath full. I am being dead serious."

His photos show chunks of plaster are splattered across the carpet.

More dangerous items such as discarded needles of almost every colour pile high on windowsills and are in hidden cracks and crevices.

Doors have been stripped off their hinges to become beds while a Heinz Beanz tin, a scrunched up box of Kellogs Cornflakes and a bottle of Tesco Everyday Coke provide evidence of recent break-ins.

"I didn’t want to stand in there long because half the floor was missing," said Mr Litten.

"There’s only very few bits of floor left. They lifted all that to get the copper wire.

"They were sleeping on the floor or on doors they had take off the hinges. They had broken in through the roof in some cases."

He added: "You just can’t keep them out. My client lives away. There’s just no way he can deal with it.

"It’s a wonder no one has got killed, especially when they will be walking round half cut."

An application to demolish the pub and build eight flats on the site is "pending consideration" by the local council.

A final decision is expected in January.

The developer states the "serious risk" posed by the condition of the property prevents a detailed inspection of the its historical features.

He added that the loss of the building would be an "enhancement" to the area as a whole.

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