Instagram model shows how certain tricks can ‘cheat’ and transform body in posts

A model has opened up about how certain "tricks" can deceive someone on social media.

Scheila Santos hated her body growing up as she felt like she was "too skinny".

She was trolled at school and told she didn't look Brazilian as her butt was small.

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The influencer said: "I had a big nose, open ears, my breasts were very small, my butt was also tiny.

"Those were things that bothered me a lot."

But Scheila set herself a goal to change and decided to go under the knife to alter her appearance.

Despite having gluteoplasty, known as the Brazilian Butt Lift, the model uses poses and angles to make her look some type of way.

She said: "Everyone wants to look good in the picture, right?! I don't see a problem with that.

"The right lighting also helps a lot when it comes to making a beautiful photo.

"But I think it's too much to be held hostage by filters. It's not healthy."

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Scheila also praises the "body positive" movement, which has taken over the internet in recent years.

She added: "I think it's important to have influencers in this area because it reminds us that when we pose, we are still beautiful."

The influencer wants her followers to feel represented and to understand that we "all have our imperfections".

"You are free to take care of your image as you see fit," she claimed.

She added: "However, it is necessary not to become a victim of the fake perfections of the internet.

"I hope my post can reach people in a positive way and they take care of themselves, as I have taken care of myself, with kindness!"

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