'It's a s*** state of affairs' – RTE star Eoghan McDermott has no sense of smell or taste after random attack

DJ and television presenter Eoghan McDermott has revealed that his senses of smell and taste have gone after he was punched in a random attack two years ago.

Eoghan was the victim of a St Stephen’s night attack in Clondalkin, Dublin which left him unconscious and concussed.

The 35-year-old star, who presents the Eoghan McDermott show on 2FM and who earlier this year narrated Love Island Australia, told the Irish Daily Mail that he had received hundreds of messages from victims of similar attacks, and he has learned to live with the aftermath.

“I haven’t got a ‘woe is me’ feeling about what happened and I have learned to deal with it.”

“But you only have five senses and I have lost two of them, and that is a pain in the ass inconvenience compared to what some of these people have to deal with.”

McDermott has filmed a new documentary Tabu, Random Acts of Violence for TG4 which explores the subject. Eoghan meets Sasha Delaney, who helped him on the night of the attack, and travels with her to the spot where it happened. He also meets families of victims who’ve been left with life altering injuries.

“I just can’t understand that need to seek out aggression as almost a form of entertainment. Like these people are going out for a night looking for some argy bargy. It is not good and there is some underlying current of aggression, or apathy, or whatever you want to call it. The documentary didn’t solve anything or come up with a solution. All we did was shine a light on the s*** state of affairs that seems to be going on in Ireland.”

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