Joe Biden star sign: What does Joe Biden’s astrology say about him?

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Joe Biden has been elected as the next president of the United States, booting Donald Trump out of the White House. Astrologers predicted the drama and complaints about votes due to the election occurring as Mercury stationed retrograde. Jupiter and Saturn moving to Aquarius in December was a sign that Biden would win, since humanitarian Aquarius signals a more Democratic Government for 2020. reveals what Joe Biden’s star sign and other elements of his birth chart says about him and his presidency.

Joe Biden was born on November 20, 1942 at 8.30am in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

This makes Biden a Scorpio with a Taurus Moon and a Sagittarius Ascendant.

Biden’s chart is very heavy in Scorpio, with Mercury, Venus, and Mars all joining up in the constellation.

So what does all of this actually mean about him?

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There have been a fair few Scorpio presidents over the years, starting with Founding Father John Adams.

James K Polk, James A Garfield, Warren G Harding, and Theodore Roosevelt were all Scorpios.

In fact, Scorpio is apparently the sign most common among world leaders in general.

The sign is known for being passionate, loyal, and ambitious, and they never settle for less than they deserve.

They are very strong emotionally, psychologically and often physically.

Like the Scorpion who can live for up to 12 months without food, a Scorpio has great self-discipline and stamina.

Scorpios are very independent but also secretive.

They need to be around people they trust deeply, and would rather work alone than risk being backstabbed.

In a professional environment, Scorpios won’t hold back or let anyone get in the way of their plan.

They are competitive and determined to succeed, so they’ll put in the extra hours to do so.

Scorpions hold a lot of power for something so small and people consider them to be very dangerous.

However, out of the 1,500 types of Scorpion in the world, only about 20 are dangerous to humans.

So while Biden has a powerful presence, is always in control and may not display any vulnerability, he is an emotional person underneath.

As a water sign, he is probably very romantic, faithful, loyal to his partner, friends and family, and extremely trustworthy.

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Biden’s Sun sign is Scorpio, meaning it’s who he is at the core.

However, his Taurus Moon reveals how he sees himself and what he’s like behind closed doors.

People with a Taurus Moon are extremely grounded and down to earth.

They are mellow, rational, and strong-willed, but very stubborn and stuck in their ways.

Lunar Taureans can’t be pushed around and they prefer to avoid drama and messy emotions.

People with a Moon in Taurus like stability and security around them.

However practical they are, Lunar Taureans are still warm, sentimental and romantic.

They tend to be in it for the long haul in their romantic relationships as well as their friendships.

Lunar Taureans are calm and unbothered by harsh words.

Tie this to the fact that Biden was born during a Waxing Full Moon, you’ve got someone who is extremely caring and nurturing who likes building on relationships.

Your Rising sign determines the mask you wear to the world and how you come off to others.

Biden’s rising sign is Sagittarius, so he’s all about moving up and progress.

To Biden, life is a challenge or an adventure and he seeks knowledge and meaning.

Biden likes to forge his own path and try things that have never been done before.

He can be a bit restless and energetic, but he is very inspiring and uplifting which are key traits for a president.

A negative thing about this placement is the fact that Sagittarians often bite off more than they can chew or overestimate what is possible.

However, your Rising sign becomes less relevant as you get older and at the age of 77 Biden may have broken this habit.

On top of that, his passionate Scorpion Sun and grounded Taurean Moon will balance this desire to go to extremes out.

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