John and Chrissy’s ‘Legendary Christmas’ and 5 more must-see holiday specials

Watch your backs, Mr. and Mrs. Claus. 

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are breaking out the mistletoe for NBC’s aptly titled “A Legendary Christmas with John and Chrissy” (Wednesday, 10 EST/PST), a song- and star-filled holiday special featuring the singer and model’s family and friends. 

Now, we know what some of you are thinking: Do we really need yet another reminder that they’re “extreme couple goals” and the “most relatable” celebs ever? Not really, but to Legend and Teigen’s credit, they lean into the one-hour special’s hammiest bits: winking to the camera as they deliver cutesy puns and one-liners (“This Christmas isn’t just gonna be great, it’s gonna be legendary!”) and regularly sending up their picture-perfect marriage. 

Teigen, the best-selling cookbook author extraordinaire, amusingly competes with Legend throughout the special as they whip up gingerbread houses and macaroni and cheese, culminating in a hilarious bit in which regular people taste-test their creations as the couple watches behind one-way glass. Legend even finds a moment to spoof his “lookalike,” children’s cartoon aardvark “Arthur,” which has been a long-running joke on the pair’s social media. 

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