Jon Gosselin Claims Son Collin Has No Special Needs, Despite Ex-Wife Kate’s Prior Claims

Things have been wild and chaotic within the Gosselin family in recent months — and fans have been following all of the latest developments quite closely. Collin Gosselin, one of the family’s sextuplets, is now in the custody of his father, Jon, after a significant amount of time in a care facility for his “special needs.” Mom Kate is said to be furious over all of this — and it seems likely she’ll be all the more angry when she catches wind of what her ex-husband has recently said about their son’s alleged issues.

As the Inquisitr has previously detailed, Kate Gosselin has always been fairly vague when asked about son Collin’s supposed problems. After he was noticeably absent from family photos for a while, Kate said in 2016 that he had special needs that needed to be addressed in a residential treatment facility.

Kate additionally said, per the Inquisitr, that there was a “fairly fluid diagnosis” of what Collin’s special needs are. Gosselin maintained that Collin’s residential placement was necessary to keep the rest of the family safe, and to teach him the skills he needed to learn to be the best person he could be.

Over the past few months, Kate’s ex-husband and Collin’s father, Jon, has legally fought to have the 14-year-old released to him. Jon was recently awarded custody — and Collin joined his dad, sister Hannah, Jon’s girlfriend, and the girlfriend’s kids for Christmas.

Now, as Us Weekly details, Jon is seemingly suggesting that perhaps Collin should never have been placed in the facility at all. The intriguing declaration came in response to a follower’s question on an Instagram photo showing the family embracing Christmas together.

The follower asked Jon if Collin really has special needs, pondering whether that might have simply been more of an excuse on Kate’s part not to deal with the child’s strong personality. There has been a lot of talk over these past couple of years suggesting that Collin tended to push back against Kate, who is often seen as being quite controlling. Many people suspected that Kate moved Collin into the facility because she didn’t want to deal with him — more than due to any apparent special needs.

In response to the question about Collin’s special needs on his Instagram post, Jon said, “he is not on any spectrum or special needs.”

As many of Jon’s followers noted, Collin looks very happy and healthy. It’s clear that he’s thrilled to be with his dad and sister, Hannah, now. Regardless of what issues he may have had that drove Kate’s decision to place him in the facility, he’s had a challenging couple of years — and will surely need a lot of love and guidance as he transitions back into a more traditional family life setting.

While Jon posted the adorable photo featuring his Christmas holiday, Kate hasn’t shared any photos on her Instagram page in over a month. The last three shots she shared were of the family dog, and before that, she did acknowledge Mady and Cara’s 18th birthday.

Things have certainly shifted in the Gosselin world, and at least for Jon, Hannah, and Collin — it would seem that those shifts have been for the best. Jon and Collin apparently don’t have much, if any, relationship with Kate or the other Gosselin kids. Fans hope that this will change in the months ahead, but if nothing else, they’re thrilled to see Collin smiling and out of the care facility.

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