Jonathan Majors says video of ex clubbing proves he didn’t strike her

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Jonathan Majors’ attorney claims the actor, not his ex, is the victim of physical assault following a violent dispute the former couple had last month — and hours of security video proves it.

In a New York County Criminal Court filing obtained by Page Six, Priya Chaudhry says her client’s former girlfriend can be seen partying at Loosie’s Nightclub at the Moxy hotel in Manhattan in the early hours of March 25, shortly after the fight in question.

The lawyer claims security footage shows the woman, whose identity we have chosen to conceal for privacy reasons, felt “legally and morally entitled to physically assault” Majors and “considered this event to have no consequences for her.”

Page Six has reached out to the Manhattan DA for comment.

As evidence of her alleged apathy, the woman was seen in videos acting “light, laughing, partying, jovial” at several moments throughout the night despite later claiming the “Creed III” star had just assaulted her, per the documents.

Majors’ ex previously told police she sustained a broken finger and ear laceration after fighting with her then-boyfriend.

However, Chaudhry points out in the filing that the woman can be seen using her “allegedly injured right hand to go through a stack of credit cards” in order to charge an $800 bottle of champagne on Majors’ card.

The attorney also notes that the woman can also be seen using her finger — which did not yet appear to be broken — to reach into her purse, handle phones, hold the menu, sign the check and hold her champagne glass “freely and easily.”

Per the documents, she is also seen drinking several glasses of champagne and taking shots “all without visible signs of discomfort or any swelling or bruising whatsoever.”

The woman allegedly continued dancing the night away, even allegedly slipping the DJ a note at one point, “clearly having a great time” and “not hurt or injured in any way.”

Aside from the video evidence, Chaudhry says her client also has a person who witnessed Majors’ fight with his then-girlfriend inside their vehicle — prior to her partying — and is willing to testify in the “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” star’s favor.

“We have proof this is a complete lie,” the attorney alleges in the documents. “The driver of the car saw and heard everything.”

According to Chaudhry, the driver will testify that Majors “never struck” the alleged victim in “any way at any time” or “even raised his voice,” but rather that the movie star was the one who was “assaulted” while the woman was “attempting to steal his phone.”

The lawyer claims the woman was allegedly “hitting, scratching and attacking” her celebrity client over infidelity claims as he “begged the driver to open the door so that he could jump out of the car and escape her.

Majors reportedly got out of the vehicle at one point, but then got back in, and the alleged assault against him resumed. It was at this point in the night at which he decided to go to a hotel, and the woman proceeded to go clubbing.

Chaudhry claims that while the woman was seemingly having a good time at the New York City hotspot “perfectly fine and completely uninjured,” her client was “hiding in a hotel” and taking photos of his own injuries. He subsequently sent a breakup text to the woman while she was still out.

The criminal trial lawyer accuses the woman of becoming “angry and surprised” over Majors’ text, implying that the allegations she later made against him were done in retaliation.

As further proof, Chaudhry points out that the woman can be seen later in the night via elevator footage arriving at Majors’ apartment “uninjured.” The actor was reportedly not there at the time.

They claim Majors did not get back to his place until the following day past 11 a.m., at which point he allegedly found his ex “unconscious on the floor of a closet” with the injuries she later claimed Majors gave her. The woman had allegedly sent by this point a “suicide note” and taken a “bunch of sleeping pills,” per the court documents.

Chaudhry states elevator footage also shows her client arrived at the scene only moments before 911 was called, and that when police and medics arrived, the woman had no recollection of the events and told them 19 times, “I don’t know [what happened].”

Paramedics reportedly also requested a psychological evaluation when they arrived.

Majors’ attorney claims at that point, her client also told police about the alleged assault that was committed against him the night before, but says those allegations were not looked into further, which is a “clear violation of domestic violence protocol.”

The police “did not believe” the multiple accounts he shared with them, according to Chaudhry.

Following the incident, the attorney claims the woman stole thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and watches from Majors’ apartment and continued to use his credit card, per the filing.

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Chaudhry concludes that Majors’ ex has a “clear agenda to destroy his reputation because she is angry that he ended their relationship and her life of luxury.”

Less than a week after the incident occurred, Majors released a series of text messages, which he and his team believed were further proof that he is innocent.

They showed the woman “admitting that she was the one who used physical force against him” and stating that she would “make sure nothing happens about this.”

However, Majors’ career has suffered a severe blow due to the aftermath of the allegations. He was recently dropped by his manager and publicist, and Valentino declined to go with him to the upcoming Met Gala.

The “Lovecraft Country” alum has also had to face additional abuse allegations from several other women, which he has emphatically denied.

TMZ was first to report the news of Majors’ new court filing.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233.

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