Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos’ Holiday Card Has A Hilarious ‘Riverdale’ Nod

Kelly Ripa knows how much fans love her husband’s Riverdale character. So the Live with Kelly and Ryan host went ahead and incorporated his TV family into their real-life holiday card. Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos’ Christmas card’s Riverdale theme is too funny, even if it’s not exactly true to life.

Consuelos and Ripa both shared the holiday card on Instagram this week, and it’s honestly just too good. On the front of the two-sided card, Consuelos poses with his Riverdale wife and daughter, played by Marisol Nichols and Camila Mendes. The three actors are posing just like an actual family might in their holiday card, with wide grins and their arms around each other. "Happy holidays from our family to yours," the front of the card reads. And then, in smaller print: "No actual wives or children were used in this photo."

The back of the Christmas card, meanwhile, shows Ripa and Consuelos with their three children: Michael, Lola, and Joaquin. "Love, The Consuelos’ (ACTUAL FAMILY) Mark, Kelly, Michael, Lola & Joaquin," the back reads.

Ripa made a joke in her Instagram caption, too, suggesting that if your family can’t agree on which photo to feature in the card, you can always just use an image of other people entirely. She wrote,

Consuelos’ caption also took a jocular tone. He wrote on Instagram,

The photo is even funnier when you think about the fact that Consuelos’ Riverdale family would probably never pose for this holiday card in the first place. Veronica is actively working against her father this season, doing her best to go head-to-head with Hiram on business dealings. And while Hermione puts on a brave face with her husband most of the time, she’s also admitted to Veronica that she doesn’t agree with many of his actions. So the thought of the three Lodges smiling and hugging each other on a Tinyprints Christmas card is pretty hilarious.

And luckily for Ripa, she’ll actually be a part of her husband’s on-screen family soon enough, too. Ripa is joining Riverdale as Hiram’s mistress, according to an Instagram post she shared in November. So who knows — next year, Ripa might be able to pose for a fake holiday photo alongside the actors who make up the show’s Lodge family.

Fans were loving Ripa and Consuelos’ Christmas card, too. One person joked that they’d also send cards featuring people who weren’t their actual family members — and really, why not?

One fan, though, had a problem with the grammar on the back of the family’s holiday card.

Ripa and Consuelos’ Christmas card is all in good fun, and it’s clear that the Live with Kelly and Ryan host supports her husband’s Riverdale work wholeheartedly. It’s definitely a break from the usual holiday card photos, and Ripa’s sense of humor is resonating with fans.

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