KFC customers issued chicken welfare message by World Animal Protection

KFC customers have been issued a chicken welfare message by World Animal Protection.

A new report from the organisation shows KFC to be top of the tables when it comes to the welfare of the chicken used in restaurants, according to Manchester Evening News.

'The pecking order 2021' ranks fast food restaurants globally on how they are performing on their commitment, ambition, and transparency on chicken welfare in supply chains.

This year’s report shows that while the hospitality market has changed a lot since the last report, due to the global pandemic, there are still some alarming trends that are rife.

Some of the chicken meat served by certain major fast food brands comes from chickens that live in cramped and barren environments.

This includes no sunlight, and many suffering from lameness and skin lesions.

Intensive farming methods also often include routine antibiotic use as a quick fix solution to keep stressed and sick animals alive.

Out of all eight global brands assessed, KFC is the clear leader of ‘The pecking order 2021’. It is the only company in Tier 1 (Leading) in the UK.

This comes through alignment with the Better Chicken Commitment (BCC). KFC also reports on its performance against the company’s chicken welfare standards in Western Europe.

Jonty Whittleton, Global Campaign Head at World Animal Protection says: “Many big brand restaurants are denying billions of birds the chance to see sunlight, grow at a healthy rate or behave naturally.

"COVID-19 has taught us that the welfare of animals and human health is interlinked – there should be no business as usual.

"Commercial motives are driving cruelty and suffering, and this needs to end."

He added: "KFC once again has shown leadership in the UK and Europe since they signed up to the Better Chicken Commitment in 2019, which will improve the lives of millions of chickens."

"As more people take an active interest in the ethics of their food, more companies are willing to act. Now is the time for real change to happen, and companies that fail to move with the demands of the market are not only causing misery to millions of animals but are also risking their reputation."

The news comes after a vegan activist stormed one KFC restaurant earlier this month and poured red paint on the floor in front of stunned diners.

Protestor Tash Peterson marched into the restaurant and poured fake blood on the shop floor while calling diners "animal abusers".

She ended up being kicked out of the KFC when police arrived.

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